ChartBoost revolutionizes mobile game publishing



ChartBoost has launched a cross-promotion platform for mobile game developers, which they can use to increase their user base, and through it, their revenues.

The platform can be used for internal cross-promotion, direct cross-promotion with other apps. It can also be used for promoting on a larger scale than before and use ChartBoost to promote other apps and make money while doing it. Through their free propriety technology, you can use various app and try your expertise there.

ChartBoost is a technology platform, not an ad network. It offers free technology that lets you promote. The company does not mediate direct deals through an ad network.

With ChartBoost, you can customize your ads very easily. That will provide you satisfaction of creating an ad the way you want it to be and improves the chances of the performance of your campaigns.

You are the app owner and have full control over the visibility of your ads. You get a detailed daily report of how many clicks your ad got, CPC, CPI, eCPM, total amount your ad got. You can make changes to your ad anytime based on the response your ad is getting. The ad can be customised on the basis of location, frequency and adding or cutting out apps that you do not want to promote.

ChartBoost encourages you to promote other games apart from your own ads to help you monetize you app. Because users like to try out new games, ChartBoost advises users to suggest new cool games to others instead of putting a video that is most likely to be ignored.

Because game lovers can best be found gaming, it is best to promote a new game in another game rather than on any other place. ChartBoost puts best performing ads on the top.

With these exciting new features, there is little doubt that ChartBoost will be a success with advertisers and gamers.



  1. [...] We got it covered AND we got covered in some great blogs last week. TechCrunch highlights the launch of our Direct Deal Marketplace where publishers can connect with each other to buy, sell, and trade cross-promotion for their games. It’s the Facebook of mobile publishing; you have a public profile, you can request “connections” and establish “partnerships” which then allows you to advertise your app in someone else’s network and vice versa. Publishers keep 100% of the revenue earned through Chartboost’s Direct Deals Marketplace, which differentiates us from traditional ad networks.Our background in game development also sets us apart. In a Q&A with Pocket Gamer, CEO Maria Alegre explains how the team’s experience with Tap Tap Revenge has made Chartboost uniquely suited to help publishers. Along with CTO and co-founder Sean Fannan – who was employee numero uno at Tapulous – Chartboost has created a platform for developers, by developers.Which means, we get it. We know developers want to be able to choose where and how they advertise. We know you’ll want to strike some direct advertising deals but also be able to harness all the “cross-promotion horsepower” you can to launch your app to the charts. We know you worked hard to make your game perfect and we want to help integrate cross promotions with the look and feel of your game. On top of that, we’ll provide the analytics so you can maximize the your campaigns, so you can combine how you promote both your apps and third party apps in the most effective way.  Can’t get enough of us? Still procrastinating? Check out these links for more coverage:Pocket GamerStart Up TunesGamasutra [...]