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Spawnsor is good news for esports lovers and players. The site not only provides you the platform to play esports, but also helps you in finding sponsors and make money for you. This company is taking online sports seriously, as serious as professional players take it.

The site is a place where gamers and brands meet. It is an one-off site which connects sports enthusiasts with companies that are ready to put money on them. If Spawnsor is able to get the attention it deserves, it just might bring a big change in how we see esports.

Up till now, not many companies were interested in financing hardware, clothing, IE etc. It seemed difficult to think of esports players getting the kind of deals we can now see them getting. No wonder, Spawnsor is picking up on popularity and increasing its customer base tremendously every month.

With Spawnsor, companies now have a medium through which they can reach out to players. This was the gap that Spawnsor has filled, letting in companies sponsor the players, and players looking for companies that can sponsor them.

On Spawnsor, gamers can create profiles, talk about their achievements, find and connect with sponsors via gaming oriented brands and , of course, discuss their game with fellow gamers.

Spawnsor caters to both computer-based and console gamers. It has, up till now, roped in ten brands and four hundred gamers in a little more than a week. The team at Spawnsor is positive about getting more big brands join the site.

The site will earn its revenue from premium memberships for gamers that will include enhanced features from the free one. As the site will grow in popularity, it will look to get revenue from advertisements.

Spawnsor is founded by Corey Davin and Gui Pinto, both in their early twenties.



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