Promoboxx: First-rate Retail Promotion Platform



It is a fact commonly acknowledged by many that retailers and brands need each other. Retailers and brands are essential to each other so as to mutually benefit and prosper together. However, the present set up is unfortunately the other way around. They separately try to make progress but more often than not, it is not perfectly achieved. This is because brands have the capacity of creative online promotion without the ability to market them in the local setting. Also, retailers have access to real- time local marketing channels but critically need promotions. It is a never- ending problem that needs to be addressed appropriately in order to maximize time, profit, and the opportunity to raise product sales.

Promoboxx is here to deal with the problem. It seeks to create quality promotions by allowing brands to promote, launch and trace real- time marketing movements together with their retailers, including sweepstakes and coupons that greatly encourage them to increase sales and build leads. In a nutshell, Promoboxx helps you to win over customers byentertaining and interactive promotions. It basically grows by email contacts, twitter followers, and facebook fans. Moreover, Promoboxx understands your audience with vigorous reporting and storage. It is indeed ideal for small business industry and self starters!

Initiated by people with deep-rooted and excellent marketing background namely, Ben Carcio, Dan Koziak, and Sonciary Honnoll, Promoboxx spontaneously should be a startup to keep an eye on! According to the studies conducted by the three founders, when brands include the retailers, the resulting effect is advantageous to both sides since it makes them more successful and their marketing power is raised exponentially. Along with these lines, Promoboxx has been called “the next generation marketing platform.”

Although there are a few competitors, by the name of Wildfire and buddy Media, that would like to challenge the efficacy of Promoboxx, there are by far, unsuccessful. This is due to the fact that Promoboxx’s vital element is to strengthen the partnerships between retailer and brand and make both parties attract a massive shoppers. Principally, it allows them to work directly with each other.

Promoboxx is easy to use. Promotions take no time to organize! It is really perfect for entrepreneurs who want to entice customers from their existing traffic. If you have the traffic, Promoboxx will automatically drive the leads lest you add Promoboxx to your twitter, facebook, Linkdln pages, and even to your existing website! With Promoboxx, you’ll create first- rate social promotions that drive leads.