Babysitting cooperatives start with SittingAround



SittingAround is a resource that lets a parent trade babysitting with other parents. On the website, you will find hundreds of private group of parents in your neighbourhood who are ready to look after your kid when you are going out in exchange of your babysitting services when they are going out.

It is difficult to get a nanny for your kids who will take good care of your kid/s when you are not at home. With SittingAround community, you know the people of the neighbourhood. Moreover, the caretakers will be parents who know how to take care of a child. There will be other kids (the children of the parents you choose to swap the duties with) to play with your children. When your turn to babysit comes, it is never too difficult to take care of an extra kid.

SittingAround is a great way to trade babysitting where you are not worrying about your kids when you are out.

As of now, only 24% of parents know that babysitting cooperatives exist. SittingAround is trying to spread the word and making parents’ lives simpler. On SittingAround, there are many cooperatives to choose from. You can see all the cooperatives in your neighbourhood, talk to them and decide.

SittingAround started its operations in 2010 and has grown rapidly since. It has till now coordinated a number of coops, thereby helping families live easy. Creating an account on SittingAround is simple and comes free of cost! It is a free offer not many parents can refuse.

Erica Zidel and Ted Tieken, co-founders of SittingAround and co-parents were introduced to babysitting coops in 2008. The high-quality, free and secure way of babysitting caught their fancy. It resulted in SittingAround, a resource where any parent can free of cost find parents interested in swapping babysitting responsibilities in your neighbourhood! At the least, spread the word.