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Medify- A helpful Resource to find Reliable Research Information in the Health Sector



Medify is the Wikipedia of the Health Sector. It makes your study interesting on any particular disease, its condition, research or treatments. Most of the times, we are unaware of many uncommon diseases and do not know how to manage the health of a patient. We may not know the number of patients suffering from that particular disease around the globe or any studies that were done on that subject or the latest conducted research and treatment on that disease. Sometime, these information can make a major difference in how we deal with our patients.

Medify brings you all the information, research work and treatments about conditions that you can easily access. It simplifies complex answers through charts and graphs so that you can, in a jiffy, know almost everything about a health problem so that you can know in which direction to proceed.

Making informed decisions is very important when health is concerned. Take, for example, asthma. Medify will tell you the total number of studies conducted till date, total number of patients studied, different views of experts on the disease, learning more about different treatments and compare treatments for asthma.

Medify makes it easy for you to grasp information by displaying the results of research in interactive graphics.

You can personalize your search by adding filters like the stage of your diagnosis or structured filters that are pre-populated. By clicking on a bubble, you can access more information such as the use of a treatment on a specific condition, the rank of a particular treatment for a particular condition, find the research by connecting directly to a list of studies and personalize your search by adding it to your binder.

Medify is a storehouse of medical information that is relevant for everybody. After all, nobody remains untouched by ill health. It is a one-stop resource for anybody wanting to know more about conditions, research work in healthcare and availability of treatments.

LifeKraze: Be Active, Share Activities and Get Rewards



LifeKraze is a social platform where people can earn points for living an active life. People can connect with friends, acquaintances and family and earn rewards for doing something active like exercising or taking the dog for a walk, and redeem points to get gifts.

The idea for this platform makes sense when most of the people are doing sedentary jobs. Sitting on a chair all day long not only makes life uneventful, but is also bad for health. After the success of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it seems likely that a social platform like LifeKraze might also grow big if it touches people’s lives in the way it aims to.

According to the team at LifeKraze, their mission is to encourage the world to live actively by providing the sense of community and healthy competition.

It is also true that showing-off your achievements to people gives you a certain high. It not only gives you an incentive to be active, but also encourages you to get up from your desk and do something new.

LifeKraze motivates you to do things offline and brag about it online, which will at least help the computer-addicted folks to leave the computer and go live in the real world.

Most of all, LifeKraze gives you the lasting connections of a social network. Here, you can make new friends and encourage each other to get better at whatever they are doing.

LifeKraze’s ‘What have you done?’ gives you 160 characters to answer. Along with your thoughts/actions, you can also add links, photos and videos of your activities as proof. You get Kraze Points if people like what you did, which you can redeem to get stuff from LifeKraze. It is positive reinforcement all along.

The idea of LifeKraze is impressive. It only remains to be seen is how people react to it.

Reading eBooks goes social, catch up with Subtext



Subtext, a start-up for making eBook reading social has raised $3 million in seed funding from Google Ventures, Mayfield Fun, New Enterprise Associates and Omidyar Network.

With social being a rage on the Internet, Subtext is looking to make eBooks more interactive, which seems like a pretty good enough idea. No wonder big investors have shown confidence in Subtext.

The start-up has announced on its launch that it is collaborating with authors who have had deals with big publishers such as Penguin, HarperCollins, Random House, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, and so on.

Subtext powers the reading community by making reading books (ebooks) socially. With Subtext, you can discuss ebooks with your friends, authors, community members and experts. It is the equivalent of reading a book at home and keeping the book down for a while to discuss it with friends or an expert. Subtext is careful not to disturb your reading experience though.

Readers can exchange their thoughts about a book, add and explore links relevant to the reading of a book, share images, articles and reviews, and multimedia content from the net.

Since reading is a solitary activity, Subtext’s social angle to reading might just work in an age overcome by the chattiness of the Internet, especially in the social networking sites.

Think of it, Subtext’s author/social commentary will also deepen the reading experience, making a reader aware of multiple interpretations of a text. What is better than multiple minds analyzing the same piece of content than a single you!

All in all, Subtext seems like a very exciting project, and if it can pull it off well, there would be no solitary reading anymore.

Unthink, the Anti-Facebook Social Revolution Site, raised $2.5M



Unthink, the anti-Facebook community website, had raised $2.5 million in funding from DouglasBay Capital. The company promotes itself as more open and honest form of social networking without the constantly changing terms of service of Facebook and selling of private data of users to corporate brands.

Unthink does not call itself social network, it calls itself a social revolution. We need to start with the start to know how Unthink emerged.

CEO of Unthink, Natasha Dedis’s teenage son wanted to join Facebook mostly because everybody at school was on Facebook and he did not want to feel left out. Dedis read the terms of service of Facebook and did not want to agree, but she had no choice. More than the actual terms of service, it bugged her that the terms could change anytime. It was not actually a choice of joining or not, her son was being forced to join. That is how the idea of Unthink germinated.

Unthink is what Facebook is not. Unthink is not another social network, it does not control you, and people on Unthink are the owners, not users. Anybody who is on Facebook just because everybody else is there, is most likely to join Unthink. Even if it cannot beat Facebook, it can take away a big chunk of users with a specific ideology.

Every criticism that Facebook has faced till date finds its answer in Unthink. On Unthink, user data is not sold to advertisers although users can, if they want, let advertisements show on their wall if they believe in the product or the brand. If they do not want advertisements, they can pay for the service with $2 per year.

After signing into Unthink, you can export all your photos and videos from Facebook.

Dedis feels Facebook is exploitative because everything you share on Facebook – be it likes, posts, personal data – is used to attract and help advertisers. On Unthink, you choose to be as public or a private as you want. You own your page, not the platform. In short, it gives you the choice.

Unthink is currently on Limited Public Beta and works on invites. Is Unthink the next big thing after Google+? Let us wait and watch.

Find the best hotels through millions of reviews on Raveable



Raveable is a website featuring reviews and advice on hotels based on opinions of previous guests.

Anybody wanting to go for a vacation always searches the net for getting a good accommodation. But problem arises because of authenticity. That is where Raveable comes into play. You can trust the reviews on Raveable because they have been given by those who had stayed in that particular hotel.

Although there are many resources on the web where you get reviews for hotels, Raveable makes it a one-stop website for those looking to find suitable accommodation.

It is the mission at to provide their users with the most reliable, credible and up-to-date information about hotels so that you can quickly find the best place to stay according to your particular needs.

They analyze millions of opinions by travelers and give you the inside knowledge on 150,000 hotels, resorts, and bed & breakfasts from all around the world!

How many times did you get stuck in a bad hotel? Judging from a picture of a hotel or perhaps by its deceptive description on the web? Isn’t it the best way to get a hotel is to ask others who have already stayed in it. And what’s better if you can do that online and for free!

Raveable makes sure you get a good deal. It monitors various sites and travelers reviews, overlooking and hidden fees to get you the best deal. Moreover, Raveable’s Most Bang for the Buck lets you know of discounts and low-price hotels.

The website ranks hotels according to the common opinion of individuals. Some of the reviews are collected from sites such as TripAdvisor, Travelocity and MyTravelGuide. Raveable gets information about the hotels from their booking partners and/or the hotels themselves.

Raveable is a can’t-do-without resource for those who are planning a holiday. You definitely want to bookmark them.

Need help planning a wedding? Get Zankyou



Zankyou is a wedding planning website that helps couple to plan their wedding using its spectacular resources. Buy gifts, accommodation for wedding guests, plan your honeymoon or create your own wedding website; Zankyou does it all for you.

You can easily create a user-friendly and exclusive wedding website for free after joining Zankyou. You can have a customized URL, personalized design options and features that are specifically designed for planning your wedding and honeymoon.

To use Zankyou, you do not need to know designing or be an Internet junkie. You just need to follow a few simple steps. In less than five minutes, you can get your free wedding website up for the world to see. What’s more? You can keep it up indefinitely!

Zankyou also takes care of gift items. Nobody wants a pile of gifts that they can’t use, but that is exactly what happens at weddings. After all, how are your guests to know what you want? Through Zankyou, you can have your guests know what all things are valuable to you. They can then, purchase a gift through the website and send it to you! It is as simple as that.

The company charges a 2.85% handling fee per gift, which can be paid either by the couple or by the guest. Till date, more than 400,000 gifts have been given via Zankyou and 50,000 wedding website was created.

Every month, Zankyou receives more than 1.5M users to its website with an average of 7 million page visits per month. Their registry service is supported by organizations such as Citibank and gift payments are secured by Thawte (Verisign).

The company offers services in the U.S., Mexico, Latin America and Europe. Zankyou has experts in 15 plus countries, operating in six different languages and with a growing list of accepted currencies. The company was founded in 2007 in Europe.

Recorded videos on YouTube and live performances on YouNow; get excited



YouNow is a live-video entertainment platform. Think of YouTube like website and you get the idea. One major difference between YouNow and YouTube is that YouNow is live. One similarity is that YouNow can be a tremendous self-promotion tool.

YouNow can attract a lot of junk along with a long of talent. But there are way to control that. You can broadcast your bit via mobile or webcam.

The resource can be used by talents from all around the world to showcase their craft. Users can control the length of the material being shown through their feedback. Performances can be liked by giving a star.

For as long as I watched, there was a comedian performing, a singer singing and a man talking about I-don’t-know-what, but he was using a lot of abusive language. Of course, you can cut short a performance by giving the thumbs-down if you do not like it, or carry on viewing it by giving a thumbs-up if you like it.

YouNow is called social television. A user cannot control the quality of the performances (and they are live, not recorded like for television), still it is more interesting precisely because it is open for everybody.

Popular opinion will definitely work on YouNow. If people think a performance good, it will get more attention from others; otherwise not. Popular opinion can also help YouNow in getting rid of inappropriate material or abusive stuff.

As YouNow grows, it will grow more entertaining. More people will mean more votes, more audience, and more drama. You can have your live American Idol on YouNow with millions of users voting in and against a participant. It will be exciting, to say the least.

YouNow, from the look of it, has a tremendous opportunity for it to grow big, and also for its users. Would it be the next big thing after YouTube?

YouNow has raised $1 million from Union Square Venture and Founders Collective till now.

GroSocial: Your social media marketing manager



GroSocial is a social media marketing tool that helps you promote your business on social networking sites without any hassles.

Effective social media marketing involves branding, community creation, PR, and customer relationship management on a daily basis. The major reason for doing all this and more is revenue creation. If any of the above mentioned activities do not bring revenue, then it is considered to be a waste of the company’s time and resources. GroSocial helps you in increasing your revenue, more than anything else.

GroSocial’s social media marketing software helps businesses and professional find new customers through popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The products built by GroSocial are being used by businesses in seventeen countries.

The specialty of the company’s software is that it is incredibly simple to use. The software is also affordably priced so that it can be used even by the smallest of businesses.

Through GroSocial, you can customize and promote your Facebook page in minutes. It also helps you in acquiring new, valuable Twitter followers every day. Moreover, you can get an entry-level social media marketing training so that you know exactly what to do, how to do it and what results it will achieve. With GroSocial, you can easily swap updates with other social networkers.

GroSocial’s Customizer lets you add dynamic forms to Facebook page. You can easily customize your form by choosing from basic form fields, check-boxes, radio buttons or drop-down lists that can be helpful in collecting names, phone numbers, email addresses of users.

Managing you Twitter account is a tough job, as it requires much time and effort to attract followers and churn out interesting stuff. GroSocial even manages your Twitter account (it selects target audience, cuts out those ‘follows’ who are not interested in following you back, and target those who would be interested in following you) in a spectacular way.

GroSocial is a privately-help company. It is headquartered in Utah.

Personalize your website to suit every visitor with Visitor.js script



Visitor.js is a script that provides you information about a visitor’s location, source, device and more. You can use this information to personalize your web pages to increase user appeal and to improve sales.

Personalization is the name of the game. If you visit a website as a user and seem to give you exactly what you are looking for, in your language, knowing your preferences, you will simply love it. That is what Visitor.js makes possible for you.

It tells you the country, city where the visitor has come from. It tells you the website, search keyword and the time of the last visit. It gives you information about the browser and operating system s/he is using and more!

With Visitor.js, you can easily redirect a French visitor to your .fr domain along with offering him/her a discount. You can add the visitor’s search keyword at your page header and advise an iPhone user to download your company’s app. Through Visitor.js, you can easily do that and more with just a few lines of JavaScript code.

You do not need to know coding at all to work with Visitor.js. Their step-by-step tutorials with examples will get you start using Visitor.js quickly.

Add that extra special touch to your website. Welcome an Australian with a G’day. Give special discounts to people who included the word “free” in their Google search through which they got to your website. List product prices for Europeans visitors in Euros. The benefits of Visitor.js are many!

The personalized information you get about your visitors will help you customize a single website to suit people from different countries, different cultures, different languages and different goals. Be special for everyone.

Visitor.js script is hosted on cloud servers backed by Rackspace.

Paymo: The Best Tool for Managing Your Finances and Business Tasks



If you are having difficulties in keeping your projects under control, Paymo is the one for you. In any other companies, they offer lacking services that would essentially help your project, but with Paymo it offers business management software tools in a one incorporated arena. These features namely, project management tools, time tracking, and easy cash flow management, will enable you to run your business smoothly. Basically, Paymo is an exceptionally easy to use with an organized and appealing interface.

Small businesses and freelancers will greatly benefit with Paymo as it provides not only an invoice material and time tracker but also an analysis of the use of time and increase of productivity. Here are some of the fine features of Paymo: task manager, calendar milestone, analysis on the company’s performance, free iPhone app for tracking on the move, paid plans for small business, free to use, and simple and spontaneous interface.

To avail these excellent features, you just have to register by providing basic information like your username, full name, company name, subdomain tag, password, email address, and time zone.

So in a nutshell, Paymo works easily. Upon registration, user could establish their basic profile including their own logo. Paymo users could prepare the invoice setting including the present option of hourly rates, tax and etc. The email templates are readily accessible for new task assignments, new project assignments, and invoices. In the dashboard, it shows the graph of the company performance, hours worked, and statistics. Moreover, in the homepage, the report creation, invoicing, project list, client list, task list, timer, time sheet, and the calendar for radical tracking is featured. The users could also put in custom tabs for some of the sections to the Paymo desktop. It basically is very useful and straight to the point without all those complicated application.

So if you want your business to prosper, let Paymo help you by providing you a quality assistance that only this service could give. This is by far, the most functional, most intuitive, and simplest application on the web.