Thinglink – A Rich Image Interaction Tool for The Web



“Image is not illustration, it is platform.” This is the battle cry, the pride of Ulla Engeström, Thinglink CEO and founder. True to its words, Thinglink has truly innovated the way people communicate with each other by using photos which provides a navigational surface for social interaction, commerce, and search. This new experience that only Thinglink can offer enables people to explore richer and more relevant contents which heighten the knowledge and the awareness of the people.

How is it different from other image interaction tools? Well, as modern internet users, we are often assailed by many different photos on the web to either entice us with the newest and most astonishing products and services available in the market or to attract us to the most beautiful sights in the world. But more often than not, some of these photos just give more confusion and more questions than to truly explain its nature. But, with Thinglink, all these perplexities are solved! Since Thinglink direct images into a structure of prolific media, it revolutionized the engagement of the consumers. Thinglink provides links and tags in the interiors of the image, thus, promoting simple tags into a much more effective instrument for advertising, data gathering, and e-commerce.

Thinglink is simply used. All that is needed to do is to install the Thinglink tagging tool to the site and from that, a detailed instruction can be found for installing the general publishing tools. Just create a free Thinglink account, log- in, and instantly use all the special and sophisticated tools from the site. It is an easy, trouble-free set-up to all main blogging and publishing websites like Tumblr, Drupal, and WordPress.

Now, more and more people discover the innovative convenience and value of Thinglink. It has truly enhanced editorial contents and transformed image sharing to people. So be efficient, be effective, and think Thinglink.