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BankSimple: Reinventing The Banking System



In the present times, banks are shrouded in ridiculous fees, hidden charges, jargon, and unclear statements. Just about everyone hates banking fees charged unreasonably by banks and in all probability; many supposed that the consumer finance protection would perpetually enable the fees to be lowered at a greater gap. But instead, the fees have gone up incessantly. The trust that the people had in the olden times to their banks had been replaced by doubt and hesitation. At this point, BankSimple is aspiring to change that disquieting problem.

The objective is in the site’s name. BankSimple seeks to eradicate all the banking complications, consumer- unfriendly nature, and fee- nuisances that a regular bank brings. BankSimple declared that it “was born out of our frustration with banking.” The founders of the innovative operation say they built BankSimple to start a bank that doesn’t suck!

But what’s the real deal? Is BankSimple really a bank? Well, truth in fact, No but BankSimple modifies your present banking relationship. That is to say, it presents a modern banking involvement where it is easy for you to keep track with your finances. BankSimple also presents excellent mobile apps and quality customer service. Its partner banks keep customers’ funds in FDIC- insured products and safeguards regulatory fulfillment.

It is a rather bold and ambitious but once it finally launched before the year ends, it would innovate banking in such a way that it would free you from worries that a traditional bank often caused. To be the first to experience BankSimple, you must request an invite by signing a form on the site’s homepage. Invites from BankSimple will be sent accordingly once the beta is ready. Invitation to customers will be given out in a first come- first serve basis so complete the form promptly, without hesitation! But only those who are eligible, that is, people who are a resident of USA and over the age of 18, have a Social Security number, and own a smart phone, can opportunely use BankSimple.

With the exception of the limited access to the site, BankSimple provides a hopeful arena for good and reliable banking. Its innovative and top-notch system will give customers a quality service and trouble- free management of finances.

Propertybase – A real estate CRM provides for every need of dealers in property



Propertybase provides customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to real estate companies. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and has leading cloud-computing CRM platform that speaks of innovativeness, accessibility and worth.

It provides Software as a Service (SaaS) to buyers and seller of property 24×7 all around the year. Propertybase makes sales, leasing, management and marketing of real estate easy and fast.

Propertybase uses Import Wizard that makes is incredibly easy for you to import data about new properties, contacts, leads etc. These innovative and helpful features of Propertybase such as Managing Inventory, Real-Time Property Search, Email Marketing, Reports and Dashboards, Broker Portal, Commissions, Payment Schedules and Google Apps makes it a hard-to-say-no product.

Once you try it, you will feel the difference between generic CRM and Propertybase. It has all the features and facilities you would need to successfully look, buy/sell, manage and record real estate exchanges.

Propertybase quickly records reservations and print booking confirmations, and creates automatic payment plans according to the deal, and keeps track of down payments.

It also updates track payments and makes sure you remember every payment including sales and lease instalments, fee and down payments. You can also create customized sales and lease contracts through built-in templates or you can install your existing templates to Propertybase. Printing agreements or emailing them in PDF was never easier.

With Propertybase, you can create web listings with content, photographs, floor plans etc. You can also integrate it to your website or use it in a stand-alone mode as your website.

Propertybase is a state-of-the-art product that takes care of your every need, and makes real estate management organized, fast and technologically suited.

After 15 years of experience in management consulting and software development, Propertybase has come up with this amazing tool for companies and individuals who deal in real estate on a regular basis.

BetterLesson, a software solution provider for schools, raises $1.6 million



BetterLesson, software solution providers for educational institutes, has raised $1.6 million in funds from venture firms like General Catalyst, Highland Capital Partners, New Markets Ventures and NewSchools Venture Fund along with some angel investors namely Matt Grennfield of Stonework Capital, Steve Kaufer of Trip Advisor, and Shawn and Jennifer Carolan of Menlo Ventures.

The company will use the funding to hire new talent and develop its existing platform. BetterLesson offers their services to educators free of charge, but charges schools and other educational institutions for enhanced features and usability.

BetterLesson allows teachers to browse through notes, presentations, school lessons, unit tests through a user-friendly interface. You can communicate and exchange ideas on your data with other international educators and bring in comprehensiveness into your existing notes.

The company believes that “Every educator – regardless of school location, resources, or demographics – should have access to the best instructional content in the world.”

BetterLesson was started by a group of teachers from Atlanta and Boston public schools. They had been deeply involved in the academic system of schools when they thought of an idea to connect educators with each other and help teachers share their lessons. BetterLesson, therefore, designed an open social platform to aggregate, organize and share their curricula and notes from classes K through 12th.

BetterLesson has up till now has tens of thousands of educators. Last year, the company’s 112-school charter network helped it to develop advanced and new features and bring them into their existing portfolio. According to reports, the company’s paying customers are over 200 schools, and is growing rapidly.

Deal Décor: The First Group-Buying Platform for Patient and Savvy Shoppers

Deal Décor

Deal Décor

Deal Dé, founded by furniture marketing insiders namely, Target, Home Depot, Home Decorators Collection, and former management consultants, namely IBM Global Business Services and Boston Consulting Group, is headed by CEO Gregory Lok and President Craig Sakuma. It is an online collective- buying platform for garden products, home décor, and all sorts of furniture.

The objective of Deal Décor‘s is to influence collective express buying of garden products, home décor, and furniture at a staggering discount of 30 to 70 percent off the retail price. Factory direct deals on certain products, collective consumer’s particular purchases by city, and consign the joint order promptly with a factory in Asia are what Deal Décor promotes. Basically, Deal Décor take satisfaction by giving out quality products that consumer gratifies.

So how exactly does Deal Décor works? Check in today or subscribe the weekly special of the company. Now if you spot some furniture that you want to buy, make a deal and buy it straightaway. Payment will be made until the discount deal is activated. So if you want to ensure that the deal is activated, it is necessary to spread the word to your friends via twitter, facebook, or email. As soon as the deal is activated, Deal Décor will send a notification order to a manufacturer as your representative and Deal Décor will expertly check the manufacturer of the product. Once your order has been created, it will be cautiously placed in a freight container and shipped into your nearest city. You will then be sent a notification once your product is on water so as to ensure a convenient delivery. The Buyers will be provided with the details of each transaction’s charges of production, carriage and the dollar margin of every single unit sold.

Now, free yourself from the clutches of unreliable merchants and inexplicitly poor products. Explore Deal Dé, find first- rate products, and enjoy steep discounts that only Deal Décor can offer.

Podio’s New iPhone App Makes You Productive While On The Go



Last March, we wrote an in-depth review on Podio, the true social work platform. Now, it has launched an exciting new app for iPhones that helps you manage your daily work-related activities while on the go. Any existing Podio app you have will now work right on your iPhone. You can be walking on the street and adding to your work even from there.

Podio’s new iPhone app makes work easy for you. It provides you the technology to create your own portfolio, add pictures and videos to it, and share them with the world through the Internet. You can easily customize your Podio mobile home screen with your favourite apps and make work more interesting.

With Podio’s new app, you can create and edit application items from your iPhone and invite colleagues, employers and employees to work on a project you created anytime. This app has filters so that you only see projects that are overdue.

Creating an app was never easier. Now, you can create your own customized app to report expenses, manage sales, adding field notes, tracking bugs and to click photographs and create videos, all through Podio’s newly launched app.

The best thing is that Podio’s iPhone app is free of cost. You can also create a new app on Podio according to your specific needs. It is helpful for all and every professional need, be it a product release, development work, photographers, authors, businesses, entrepreneurs or students. Customize it to suit your needs.

The app gives you more control over your time, helps you use the time on travel and makes work better, faster and interactive. Podio is currently being used by a wide variety of professionals and organizations to get the work done from anywhere, anytime.

You can give your suggestions on improving the app on the company website.

Podio is based in Denmark and has more than 15 of talented developers, designers and user advocates. The company is backed by venture capitalist Sunstone Capital.

Thoora: Keeping Everything Fresh on Your Radar



In finding out certain information, they say that working together is the best way to discover and experience things thus the saying, two heads are better than one. But imagine if the other head is that of a robot. That would, without a doubt, increase the researching speed at a faster rate. But seeing as it is still impossible to be working with a robot to expedite progress now, and it would be illogically pointless to wait at least fifty years for robots to be perfectly invented, the ingenuity of Thoora takes hold.

Brought about in 2008 by Chul Lee, Kyu Lee and Byron Ma, Thoora is a service that assists people search, curate, and publish exquisite, genuinely search-friendly, spontaneously updating content on the web. It is basically a toolkit for people to delve into and search topics across the web while filtrating what is most important for users. Being a social tool, Thoora users can share topics and the site will highlight the most relevant search in the web, even if the information is buried in the labyrinth of the internet.

Thoora’s vital element is its inimitable approach in combining human and machine. While the site’s aggregation algorithms convey excellent content, it then gives Thoora’s users the prerogative to manipulate the flow of information, giving them the instruments to prioritize, re-order, re-rank, and refine the content. As a result, it creates topical and human-curated pages that will always stay fresh and relevant. Does it seem like a mouthful? In point of fact, it actually isn’t! All you simply need to do is just head up to, sign up, and instantly experience a whole new way to discover the in-the-now updates.

Whether you’re an academic, a journalist, a blogger or a curious person who’s interested to just about anything then Thoora, a machine- learning powered tool, could be a strong substitute to a purely social service. So be the first of your friends to discover the freshest gossips, technologies, businesses, and other relevant news. Stay updated, keep everything on your radar, and give Thoora a try!

CareCloud receives funding of $2.3 million



CareCloud, a provider of healthcare software solutions, has raised $2.3 million from prominent entrepreneurs and businesses. The names of the fund-raisers have been kept secret.

The Miami-based company provides complete software solutions to private physicians and hospitals. The company’s propriety SaaS solution makes it easy for doctors to connect with their patients online. CareCloud’s tagline ‘Practice made perfect’ speaks of their commitment to make a healthcare professional’s job easier and faster.

With CareCloud, you can manage your clinic from anywhere, anytime. Easy to read charts and graphs matched with a user-friendly interface makes CareCloud a hard to say no product for doctors.

CareCloud was founded with the aim of uniting the healthcare industry by developing inter-connectedness through smart software. The company is looking to replace legacy proactive management applications with online solutions. CareCloud healthcare software is designed to be lightweight, intuitive and connected.

CareCloud also provides a comprehensive revenue cycle management service for healthcare professionals that choose to outsource their billing and services. The company is also creating an EMR and an integrated application for iPad.

Apart from all other amazing features of CareCloud, it makes it easier for physicians to get paid. You can get a free demo of CareCloud from their website. The company said it will use the funding for developing its electronic media products and on marketing.

Sweetfry – Online Recipe Portal for Food Lovers



Sweetfry is an online recipe portal, which offers different collections and category well suited for many cultures and countries. The site offers amateur cooks a chance to try making muffins, chicken & rice, etc. it is perfect place for a college student to be! The tool offers an inventory of recipes that is so much organized that one can look for recipes by category. This is the feature that takes the tool sky high in terms of repute and praise.

The tool has many categories that cater for choice and area covering more than half of the world. It has categories such as sauces, breakfast, muffins, pastries, drinks and desserts. Also, Sweetfry offers a search that is very powerful and can get you to the recipe you desire, instantly.

Sweetfry offers a tool that allows people to submit recipes. This allows a lot of intercultural recipes to be available on the site and there is much variety available. The recipes get a peer review and the recipes can also be seen organized as most viewed and top rated. This feature also eliminates recipes that have low feedback score and rating. Only good and most liked recipes can easily be found by checking the rating and feedback score. Not only are recipes rated, but every recipe submission is through the account of user. So users or you can cooks are rated along in a similar way. This offers amateurs and cooks alike to follow cooks that suit their taste and standard. So, now you can have personal recipes list and you can also add a recipe that you like and later implement it.

Sweetfry organizes many recipe making contests and the best rated recipes are then awarded prize money up to $1000. Just have a look at the site and some of it recipe !

Reel – Get your ideas online and start reeling in the feedback



Reel is an online presentation tool that takes you above use of any software and makes your presentation accessible to all. Other online presentation tools require use of special software which makes their package bulky and dependent. With Reel, getting your ideas to the public is very easy. It is just paper tossing on your iPhone!

The tool helps you to create and share presentations as quickly as possible. Each presentation is back by a unique website address, making it easy for sharing and marketing purposes. With Reel, your ideas and opinions are accessible to everyone, whether he is using a PC or smartphone or tablet and they don’t need any software to view it.

Reel is very user friendly. Just upload PowerPoint slides or a pdf file, add some labels and description to your file and share the unique link created by the tool for you, with your friends. You can also monitor the views and rating of you presentation. This would better suit you needs for better work management and make room for improvements.

The tool also comes in different pricing and packages to fulfill the needs of a business. One can choose the best options available to cater for his needs and business requirements and subscribe to the relevant package.

Reel also offers support for its users, at all times. So whether you are issues with the tool or you don’t know how to utilize the tool to fulfill your business requirements in the best manner possible, just email the tech staff and you will provided with relief, instantly.