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Search engine giant Google has unveiled its new social networking platform Google+ for public field trial. With circles, photos, sparks, +1 (plus one), hangouts and profiles it is a full fledged social networking platform which is just ready to fight the dominance of Facebook’s social world. Unlike the recently closed Google project Google Wave, Google+ have been widely accepted by both techy and non techy people. Many of my friends has asked me in advance to give them Google+ invitation as soon as it becomes available. Its like people are bored with the one and only Facebook, they are waiting for something new and interesting.

Facebook with 700 million user alone now dominating the social world. Though Google is the most visited site on the Internet, Facebook has accomplished something different, people spend maximum time on Facebook than Google. People driven by their own interest hands over their very important personal and social information to Facebook. Google has data but not very specific and personal data that Facebook has about their user. Google feels the need of their very own social network, because at the end they do business with the data.

Lets have a look at the important features brought by Google+. Circle which is similar to twitter but a bit different from friend in Facebook, it doesn’t require acceptation, you can follow and unfollow anyone at anytime without their permission. Then you can easily share your status and other data within your circle which is a bit difficult in Facebook. Hangout, so far considered one of the strong feature of Google+, lets you have video chat with more than one people easily and you can have video chat within one or more circle at real time. And Spark lets you dive into your are of interests. Text chats and voice call service is already built-in into Google+. All sort of communication tools are already there and they have a strong user base, the chance is higher this time.

Though these features are not yet strong enough considered to the Facebook platform but it is the base, on top of this solid foundation they can add more features in the future like Page for businesses, Photo Tagging, Events and other interesting features to fight with Facebook platform. Currently, only selected people have access to Google+, Google is bringing more people into it as time goes by.

Finally, each Google project has 50-50 chance of success, this time lets wait to see its future!

Plusones James
Plusones James

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