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Google+ – Google To Shake The Social World Of Facebook

Google Plus Logo

The Google+ Project

Search engine giant Google has unveiled its new social networking platform Google+ for public field trial. With circles, photos, sparks, +1 (plus one), hangouts and profiles it is a full fledged social networking platform which is just ready to fight the dominance of Facebook’s social world. Unlike the recently closed Google project Google Wave, Google+ have been widely accepted by both techy and non techy people. Many of my friends has asked me in advance to give them Google+ invitation as soon as it becomes available. Its like people are bored with the one and only Facebook, they are waiting for something new and interesting.

Facebook with 700 million user alone now dominating the social world. Though Google is the most visited site on the Internet, Facebook has accomplished something different, people spend maximum time on Facebook than Google. People driven by their own interest hands over their very important personal and social information to Facebook. Google has data but not very specific and personal data that Facebook has about their user. Google feels the need of their very own social network, because at the end they do business with the data.

Lets have a look at the important features brought by Google+. Circle which is similar to twitter but a bit different from friend in Facebook, it doesn’t require acceptation, you can follow and unfollow anyone at anytime without their permission. Then you can easily share your status and other data within your circle which is a bit difficult in Facebook. Hangout, so far considered one of the strong feature of Google+, lets you have video chat with more than one people easily and you can have video chat within one or more circle at real time. And Spark lets you dive into your are of interests. Text chats and voice call service is already built-in into Google+. All sort of communication tools are already there and they have a strong user base, the chance is higher this time.

Though these features are not yet strong enough considered to the Facebook platform but it is the base, on top of this solid foundation they can add more features in the future like Page for businesses, Photo Tagging, Events and other interesting features to fight with Facebook platform. Currently, only selected people have access to Google+, Google is bringing more people into it as time goes by.

Finally, each Google project has 50-50 chance of success, this time lets wait to see its future!

Netcars – The UK Based Used Car Deal Website Secured Funding From David Crossland

Netcars.comNetcars is a UK based complete and organized platform to deal with used car. Whether you want to buy or sell your car, it can help you. It allows you to find the perfect car out of thousands of used car; searching by brand, model, type of body style, your budget and so on. Recently, it has secured significant funding from David Crossland, the Airtours Founder to expands its business activities and drive consumer awareness.

To deal with used car using quick search system of Netcars, you have to fill up four fields. First you have to select the brand name. Secondly the model number and finally you have to select your price range and your postcode to find a perfect used car within few second. Netcars also allows advanced search system and it will make you happy as well as greatly helps you to find your desire used car according to preferences. Such as you can filter car by age, engine size, fuel type and many others parameters.

The most interactive features of  Netcars is that it is full of information about used car. It makes car’s profile with enormous information about standard equipment, technical specifications and key features. Car’ profile is so detail that you not need to ask them “Does this car belonging CD player or not? You will find this type of silly details about used cars and in the end these details information makes you confident to make a deal with Netcars.

Netcars  also helps to sell your car. The sell section is full of some useful tips about selling car and how to avoid fraud during sell. To create a car’s profile that you want to sell, first you have enter car’s registration mark and finally you fill up few details about the car. It also helps you to get some other services; car loans, car insurance, car data check and many more. In Car advisor section you can submit your advice or review about car and it will greatly help the community to get proper review from real people. For car dealers, Netcars has a unique PPC billing model to advertise their cars on the website.

Last but not least, I have to admit that Netcars is the most feature rich web platform that I have ever seen about used car. Another indispensable feature is that it has a discussion forum where you can post and discuss with other uses about car and can get lots of advice as well as can understand technical details of cars.

UpOut – A City Guide to Discover Awesome Things to Do


The concept behind the UpOut is quite simple allowing users to discover events, places and activities in the city. Yet, it has some cool features, rich social integration and gorgeous user interface to attract peoples attention and stand out from the crowd. UpOut can become a great tool to fill your boring life with lots of fun and enjoyments.

In one word, it can be said that UpOut is an event sharing site where you can find the hottest event in your location by browsing or searching. User can follow event tags and other users according to their interest in order that UpOut shows a personalized events list in their profile page. Like, if you are a passionate food lover and want to taste all different types of foods in various places, in that case you should follow Restaurant. Hopefully, you won’t regret it.

Events in UpOut are categorized under different section or tags such as family, theater, concert, arts, music, bar, nightclub etc. When browsing these sections you can further filter these events according to your preference. You can filter by days or by custom dates, by cost per person and by shifts such as morning, afternoon and nighttime. As you can filter events by costs like from $0 to $300+ person, it also ensures that you are with your budget so no worry just enjoy the day.

In UpOut, one can easily share an event or activity by mentioning the place in the city and related tags with optional event image, price and schedule information. To perform all activities in UpOut, one needs to signup for a user account or use exiting facebook account to connect with.

UpOut is not only a simple event sharing web platform, it can also help users to find right thing in the right place; no matter if it is food, arts, music or even weird. It is also a first-class platform for the business owner to attract more customers by posting and updating their recent activity. It can be a huge collaboration platform for both event organizer and participants. Participants will not miss any of their favorite events or festival in their city using UpOut.

Currently, it is available in mega cites like Boston, San Francisco, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Austin, Miami and Las Vegas only.

BankInfoBD – All Banking Products and Services Information in One Place aims to ensure the availability of banking products and service information in more structured and simple manner. It brings all the banking information in one place in order that you don’t have to waste your valuable time on searching different websites to gather similar information.

Banks play a very important role in our modern life, banks are just like friends. Banking service is a must for professionals and businesses to conduct financial activities as a result people now have multiple bank accounts to serve different purposes. ATM Card, Debit Card and Credit Card are very popular these days for their flexibility and convenience as virtual money. Banks offer a wide range of credit products with a variety of other value added services to make life even easier and fulfill our dreams. To get introduced with all these banking products and services from different bank websites and find the suitable one comparing them all are pretty tough and boring job. In addition, each bank has their own way of displaying product information on their website and some of them even doesn’t have updated data in their website making it more difficult get the right information on right time. In this situation, can be a great life saver for you. showcases basic information like address, contacts, SWIFT CODE, Stock Code etc for all banks operating in Bangladesh in separate info page which is also known as bank’s profile. Along with these information it servers all loans, saving schemes, accounts, cards and service information in different tabs. All these products are also categorized using smart tagging system giving you the opportunity to simply browse through those tags to find similar products and compare them. As a result, you can easily find all Car Loans or Home Loans or Salary Loans of all banks going to that particular tags.

Not only serves product and service information but also allows consumers to express their likings and dis-likings and consumers have the ability to write their own opinions or reviews on those banking products making it an open platform for banking consumers.

Moreover, has a career section where job seeker can browse for currently available banking jobs. It also has a separate news section listing the latest banking news of the day and a blog section for banking matters and discussions. Currently it serves information for Bangladeshi banks but it has a plan to bring more countries under its service in near future.

CardWiX – A Web Based Business Card And Contacts Data Transcription Service

CardwixPlanning of organizing an event or want to run a marketing campaign but worrying about digitizing tons of business cards and contacts data. CardWiX‘s data transcription service might be a painless solution for you. CardWiX is a web-based business card and contact data transcription service designed to solve your particular problem.

CardWiX helps transcribe contacts from business cards, sign-up sheets, private membership lists directories, rolodexes, event marketing lists, electronic forms and so much more. You can ask them to do the job for you and save your valuable time and countless efforts.

So, how does the entire process work? According to CardWiX, you can send documents through mail or send them directly by uploading online. Within 24-48 hours, they will digitize your documents and you will have online access to your contacts data in three down-loadable formats including excel, CSV and VCF. That means your data is ready to be imported into any e-mail marketing applications such as Outlook or ContantContact or other email delivery services. You can also import them into your customer relationship management (CRM) software such as Salesforce. And now you are ready for a smooth marketing campaign or event.

This way, CardWiX will take the hassle by doing the hard work for you and you will have accurate data without the pain of doing the transcription by yourself.