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Zinglog – A Free Private Blogging Service For All

zinglogme-logoThese days, you are extremely familiar with blogging but sometimes you have some thoughts or feelings, which are not shareable in public place like BlogSpot or any other open blogging service. Zinglog comes with a solution for this. It is free private blogging service that allows you to share you thought or brainstorm only with your friends or desired people according to your wish.

Zinglog has a nice and simple interface that loads very first and allows you to store your personal feeling very quickly and swiftly. You can use Zinglog as your personal online diary with the facility to use it from where anytime without hassle.

The process of getting Zinglog is very straightforward, after the registration you can use it.  Even if Zinglog is private blog but you will have the opportunity to share your blog with your nearest or dearest people if you wish. In Zinglog, you are getting all sorts of editing facility such as font size, font format, image adding as well as link adding. In addition you can change the background color. To add picture on post you can upload image from your hard drive or put in the image link from the web such as flicker, Picasa or any other photo sharing web sites.

Using the “Share this” button on the left side you can share your post in Facebook, twitter or many other social networking web platforms. You can also email your post directly from Zinglog to your friend or other people with whom you want to share it.

Zinglog at a glance

  1. Private blogging service
  2. Share opportunity according to ones wish
  3. One of the  best place to store your random  thoughts
  4. Using it as a Personal diary

Last but not least Zinglog can help you to nature or flourish your random ideas; who knows one of them may be a great idea in the future. It stores your random thoughts systematically although you have the search facility. Now you can start a new journey with Zinglog to get the taste of private blogging.

Dropdo – Online File Viewer To Upload, View And Share File Instantly

DropDo_LogoIn day to day life how often do we need to share files with our friends, colleagues of families. It could be a document, a pdf, an image or may be a video. Let’s say you have a great book and really want to share it with your colleges, or some precious moment captures in a photo or perhaps in a video, how are you going to share it easily? Your email client does not support it for sending such big files or creating accounts in different file hosting companies is cumbersome, expensive and sometimes risky. Or may be the person you are sending the pdf file does not have pdf reader or appropriate software for viewing that file, calling IT Personnel and installing the specific software will be time consuming, then? Well to answer all these problems Dropdo has come up with this extra ordinary web service that allows you to solve all these above mentioned crisis. Dropdo is a super cool web application that allows you to share and host your files with others.

The process is super simple, just upload the file navigating from your PC and send the URL to your target audience. They will visit the link and view it directly from their browser without even downloading it! No login nothing, can’t be simpler than that. You can obviously download the file whenever you want to. Not just that, you can even share it in facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, yahoo, google or email it from the browser directly.

You can upload documents, spreadsheet, pdfs, images of any file format, videos of any file format and many more!!! Dropdo is one of the handiest tool we have come across with. You will definitely don’t want to miss it. Try it and you will be bookmarking it for sure.

Sandglaz – Incredibly Simple And Effective Online Task Management Software

Sandglaz-logoHave you been into troubles in keeping track of your task list? Well no more worries!! Sandglaz has brought you an incredibly simpler, effective and cooler way to manage your tasks. Over the years, I personally strived for an effective ToDo software and now Sandglaz solved my problem. Like all other todo software it allows you to set reminder and notifications so that you do not miss any events. Then what’s the catch?

The moment you log into Sandglaz you readily realize the difference. A broad page with different 4 or 6 priority colored boxes to write on? Yes, Sandglaz has categorized your intended task into different priority from beginning:

  • Important & Now
  • Important & Next
  • Important & Later
  • Less Important & Now
  • Less Important & Next
  • Less Important & Later
  • Unimportant & Now
  • Unimportant & Next
  • Unimportant & Later

You can reduce or increase these number of boxes and can even re-size them depending on your requirement as well. How easy is to put the real data? Really simple, just put your cursor into a box and start typing, that’s it. You can grab the task and move from here and there later if you want to, assign reminder and of course can delete whenever you want. You can invite friends and can even share the task depending on different permission level. That was all about your first page, you can now create unlimited pages [probably, because I tried more than 10 pages and it allowed] and do similar stuffs, a whole new dimension just like windows one note!!!

It is currently in its beta and still running smoothly. Just sign-up for free and start using this awesome web application.

Scadaplan – Yet Another Exciting Project Management And Collaboration Tool

scadaplan-logoScadaplan is yet another exciting and new web based project management and collaboration tool to manage your ugly and complex projects. The tale of its beginning is quite interesting, the developer team themselves had strived for years for a good project management tool but failed to find a satisfactory tool and finally they ended up in building their own, that is this one. As a result, Scadaplan contains all those features that a project management tool should contain for running a project, managing user and their permission, groups, assigning and removing task, managing multiple projects, comments, viewing the progress in a grant chart, everything in a nice little package. The greatness of Scadaplan lies beneath its simplicity and easy to use interface. However, the interface will does remind you about the posh looks of apple Mac. Good thing of this application, it does not contain dozens of features which a user hardly uses making life more complex, rather features have been simplified within fewer clicks.

Currently Scadaplan is at its early beta, but is available for everyone. The registration is free and you will be provided with a URL for your company upon signup. Hope you will enjoy the site; we have a good feelings that this wonderful web application has got a promising future ahead.