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JUX – Amazing Open-source Sitebuilder Lets You Create Your Fee Professional Looking Website With No Ads

JUX logoHow many times have you ever wondered that, “Man, When can I have my own site which people can actually see?” We often have to suppress that wish either, because of the shortage of our money or due to the lack of expertise in building a site. Time has come and now you can actually build your own site right from your desk with a few clicks and drag and drop features and launch it on the fly for absolutely free!!! JUX is that gifting and wonderful platform that allows you to full fill your dream.

With extremely easy to use user interface JUX allows you to build your dream site. All you need to do is log into site, provide a name for your site, URL, select a theme, add pages, do the editing and there you go. Your first website is ready to launch.

You can give your website a professional look with advance features like adding videos, chat, like and comment options, maps and many more. With JUX you can build unlimited websites, full access to the source code, have your own domain and guess what you can also move your site any time you want!

It is more than a simple site builder; it is a collaboration platform where everyone benefits from the contributions of everyone else. It combines the Open Source & Creative Commons principles under one hood with. Words aren’t enough to describe all the gifted features, just visit the site and you will know what you have been missing so far.

Bittle – Online Dashboards And Reporting Software

Bittle logoThe key to a successful business is how efficiently you can convert your available data into meaningful information and how quickly you react to it, this phenomenon is often termed as business intelligence. Over the years, top management and business personnel has relied on spreadsheet technology for reporting and analytical purpose and have been suffering with its inherited problem (Limitation in handling large amount of data) since then up until Bittle comes into rescue. Bittle is a wonderful web based business intelligent platform that solves your entire data reporting problem. It comes up with an amazing solution to address your messy situation in a very simple manner. It is capable of analyzing large amount of data and converting them into meaningful information and more importantly present them in a visual appealing way.

All the available business intelligent software is either expensive or difficult to operate even for a try out. On the other hand, Bittle is a damn easy to use BI where no prior technical knowledge is required. It enables you to create digital dashboards and reports quickly, simply and efficiently so that you can effectively manage your organization’s business activity, whether that activity is in Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, Purchases or in IT.

Simply log in to your account via a web browser (IE 7 and more, Firefox 2 and more, Chrome 5 and more) gain access to their secure server, create a connector and load your data from the PC whether it is stored in a CSV, Excel or Database file by navigating through your browser. Once you have imported your data, assign some metrics and customize them as per your requirement, select a useful template and chart and there you go, a couple of mouse clicks has transformed your ugly data into meaningful graphical information’s within a flash of seconds.

Just create an account and try it out for absolutely free. If you are satisfied and want to go for a larger scale like incorporating collaborative suit, then they have some really attractive schemes for you! They have a free version, light version ($39/month/user), basic version ($89/month/user), and a Pro version ($149/month/user). Moreover, if your organization is a non profitable organization then you get to have a 60% discount!!!!

With 100% customizable BI Solution Bittle is waiting eagerly for you to embrace. We therefore would request you to try it once in your life time, for the sake of your organization and change the way you perceive your business.

Parking In Motion – Get Real Time Parking Information On Your Smartphone While Driving

parking-in-motion-logoWhen planning of going somewhere, the next thing that comes to your mind is where are you going to park your car. Is there a good parking place available nearby? and how is it going to be? Parking In Motion (PIM) is providing you all these information right on your smartphone which you can access while driving to get rid of this huge parking hassle. With PIM you don’t have to worry about parking anymore.

Parking In Motion has already developed a huge parking information database covering top 300+ US cities, top 50+ Canadian cities and top 200+ European cities with over 20,000 public parking lots enhanced with rates, hours, entrance points and occupancy information. This database is constantly expanding with more parking information over time making it the largest of its kind.

Parking In Motion not only gives you the chance to choose cheap parking place around, but also provides real-time availability information so that you don’t have to get disappointed after going to a busy parking lot. The second part is very crucial and cumbersome for Parking In Motion. Getting updated booking data instantly from these individual parking places spreading across the world is not an easy task. PIM is working closely with parking lot operators and municipalities to make this thing possible. We believe this is where the success of this application lies, if PIM can handle this part properly there is less doubt about the success of this innovative start-ups.

Currently, Parking In Motion is offering free iPhone application which allows a driver to search and find nearest and cheapest parking lot on map with entrance direction and other details. From there he/she can also reserve parking remotely without paying any extra fee. Parking In Motion shares revenue with garage operators from the bookings made through its system. Soon PIM is coming with Android and BlackBerry version of the application to get this system widely available to more people.

Parking In Motion has also made its database open to auto industry, navigation systems and developers through its SDK and API. Businesses can take advantage of this large parking database and make revenue serving parking data through their own websites or mobile apps or navigation systems.

Teamelio – Online Task Management Platform For Teams And Individuals

Teamelio is a superb web application to manage the tasks of your stubborn Project! Digital cube GmbH & Co.KG from Cologne, Germany has developed the site and they did it with ease in style. It has got all the features that a project management tool needs, completely web based and super easy to use.

With Teamelio you can create task, groups, assign task to a particular person or group, set reminders, alarms for every task and many more!!! You can post notes, make comments and get email notifications for each item! The user management is also very easy; admin will have full control over the users. You
can access Teamelio from any part of the world, even when you are at move from your Smartphone. It also provides you with a dashboard with all the highlighted and important activities going around your team.

If you are tied up in a messy situation with your team and the tasks flying all around then Teamelio is the tool that you are looking for. Right now (from March 2011) it is in live status and is free to use!

PopuGamer – Discover New Video Games Reviewed By Real Gamers

popugamer logoBeing a real game lover, gaming is always exciting to you, but you aren’t sure which game to buy next, PopuGamer is a wonderful crowd-sourced video game review website dedicated for real game lovers like you. It can help you to discover awesome games based on normal users reviews and votes.

You will get imperial game recommendation in PopuGamer, because all the video games in PopuGamer are reviewed by the real gamers like you and me. Unlike other game review websites, PopuGamer discourages professional game reviews because they believe professional game reviewers or editorial teams are never impartial and greatly influenced by the game company promotions.

Since, its a open platform, anyone can join PopuGamer either by using their existing Facebook account or signing up for a review account. You can browse games by popularity or reviews and easily find top games people are playing with and having fun. PopuGamer allows you to filter the games list by Genres, Platforms and Years making it more easy to get to your gaming segment of interests. Moreover, you can search for games and add new games if its not available, when adding a new games you can add related tags to more categorize the games.

PopuGamer offers a wide range of badges as motivational force for gamers depending on their activity they do on the platform, which is very helpful in building the gaming community. In addition, user can make friendship, follow other gamers, send messages, share photos and videos making it an extensive social networking platform for real gamers.

Those who are looking for user based video games review website, PopuGamer can be a great alternative for finding latest and greatest games online. Have a look at this wonderful website and let us know your feedback.

Tadagraph – Amazing Real-Time Online Collaboration Platform

Tadagraph LogoThere are tons of platforms developed by many people to deal with project management matters. Tadagraph, a distributed collaboration via micro-messaging which is a fun place to work nicely, is not such a thing. It is a very different platform that makes your tasks management easy through a real-time micro-messaging interface. It comes with a lot of features like chatting, projects management, team intranet, work space sharing, ensuring security for your group and so many more.

To try this awesome platform, you need to sign up first with your name and email address. Once logged in, you will get an instant video link from where you can easily get an overview of how to use the system. You can easily add a project by clicking (+add new) in the header, each project is a secure and private space for team members. You can now extend your team by inviting new member to your project. Click the (add new) button just bellow the members section on the right side, you need to enter an email then you will be shown a window to write a message, write a personal message then click the send button and you are done. On the other hand, you can also join a project accepting invitation and make a tweet or re-tweet easily by using Tadagraph updater. #Hash-tags can be added to your tasks and status updates for organizing the work smoothly.

Each project in Tadagraph have some applications to manage the flow and tasks properly. These applications can be activated using #hashtags from Tadagraph updater. The Flow application consists of all the updates by the members in reverse chronological order. To-do application provides light weight tasks management and can be activated on any status adding #todo hashtag. The Ideas application provides brainstorming and voting ideas and can be activated using #discuss tags. Similarly the Notes application provide wiki-like store of documents, notes, code, comments etc and can be activated using #note hash-tag. More applications are coming soon and in the future 3rd party developers can build their application around this Tadagraph platform.

Tadagraph is also providing day-wise task list (todo) facility from where you can easily add a task specifying the predefined day tags. It has a nice calender option from where you can drag and drop the tasks easily and edit your task very elegantly. For your kind information, you can share your updates as like as chatting and mention your partners with @username format just like Twitter. Each message has detail view and related conversion with multi-level treaeded reply. You can note your important things like topic wise and Ideas wise or expressed by listing. Tadagraph is a real time online collaboration tool that means if you update any data at your end, all team members will see the changes instantly without any page refresh.

Features at a glance:

  • Dissecting tadagraph’s topics
  • Co-work In location
  • SandBox Project – your private micro-messaging playground
  • Free Team Intranet with micro-messaging way
  • Free project management with micro-messaging style

Tadagraph is an excellent and fun platform which helps people to overcome the work complexity easily. We welcome you to try it yourself and let us know your feedback.

GetQuantify – Seamlessly Manage Your Project Online

getquantify logoGetQuantify is a nice looking and smart project management application. It has got a wow looks and a damn easy to use interface. Apart from having all the basic features of a project management tool, you can also integrate your project with Skype seamlessly. GetQuantify will allow you to manage your tasks the way you always wanted to.

Some of the key features of this awesome application are stated as follows:

  • The operation of this application is absolutely simple. With a mix of elegance and productivity, with simple workflow management and drag & drop feature you can concentrate on other important stuffs.
  • Time tracking has never been so easy.
  • Its advance user interface provides you the most efficient way to change or edit your information.
  • GetQuantify allows you to provide all your relevant information around the specific task so that you do not get lost in your inbox. It also has the email notification feature.
  • It has got a SSL encryption method for all the plans
  • Your data will be continuously backed up on every hour in Amazon S3 Server.

Good things always come at price and thus they have set out an attractive price scheme as basic, standard and pro with monthly $15, $30 and $60 respectively. However you can try the free 30 days trial before going for the paid version.

GageIn – A Business Networking Platform Powered By Content

GajeIn LogoGageIn is a business networking platform to get business related data about various companies, vendors and other business corporation. The concept is very straightforward; GageIn accumulates all types’ business data under the one umbrella. It’s here to fill the gap between social networks like facebook, twitter and business network like LinkedIn.

User have to register at GageIn using their business or official email address as business email ascertain the possibility of real employee. Since, all profiles are real, user will get more encouraged to follow companies as well as it also ensures that the information about of the company are more trustworthy.

Whenever you follow a company, you can categorize that company according to some business criteria.  User can categorize the company they followed from rivals to customers. For example you are an engineer at a web Development Company, you are following some other web development company, you can categorize them as rival company. In addition when you follow companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple etc in that case you can choose it as customer of that company.

GageIn gives you a synoptic view of business world. Important data about company helps you to make a comparative simulation between your company and your rival company. This simulation helps you to take right decision. Furthermore application developers or web developers can be updated with latest platform or technology. Using GageIn you will be able to get competitive knowledge on business world and demand of users that always keeps you in race with others.

GageIn can also be called as a business directory of all companies and day by day the directory is expanding. Likewise Facebook or twitter you can comment or mention on others. In addition you can also start discussion topic and invite others to take part.

Before, employees have to struggle to get data from business media, company websites, search engine and more source. Now, GageIn shows another way around to get business information efficiently and quickly.

Projecturf – A Magnificent Online Project Management Platform

Projectturf LogoProjecturf is a magnificent online project management platform that is cooked by latest Web technologies with hundreds of smart features allowing you to work efficiently and systematically.  Users oriented and intuitive design of Projecturf makes your project management extremely simple.

Projecturf is different from other project management tools for its user friendly well-designed interface as well as surprisingly customizable useful features. Using Projecturf management of a project is very simple and at the same time you will be able to manage multiple projects. First create a project with name. then add your team member for that project and finally start working smartly as well as faster than any other project management platform.

In Projecturf you will find all types of necessary features as well as you must not feel any scarcity or lack of any features or tools. Suppose that you have got email about a discussion topic, to answer of that topic you don’t need to login to Projecturf, you will be able to reply directly from email. Report with graphs will give a synoptic idea about the situation of the project and what‘s going on or what need to be done this week as well as impending works. Printing directly from the Projecturf is also possible in various formats. That will reduce your hassle of printing and formatting. Recently, Projecturf introduces lots new intelligent and elegant features in the second version to gives a new experience of project management. Sticky note on Projecturf would not let you to forget about important work. Another interesting feature is that bookmarks are also available and you can easily save your project related web link.

Subtle permission management allows you to grant access in every section and private talk is also possible with other members. Assigning work to team member is very simple and you can assign multiple user for the same work just tic mark on the names.  OHH you are familiar with using whiteboard, no problem Projecturf collaborate with whiteboards! Google docs’ integration is another interesting feature that will allow you to share with others. Unlimited users and unlimited space makes you more sparkling and free you from thinking about space as well as you don’t need to bother about backup that is most important concern for desktop based project management tools.

All important features of Projecturf at glance:

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited team member
  • Users oriented well-designed interface
  • Global dashboard
  • Events Calendar
  • Whiteboards
  • Instant Reports

Exporting or importing data, sharing document, automatic back, dashboard view and many more attractive features will never let you choose other project management tools if you try Projecturf’s trail version.