Thinkery – Extend Your Brain Organizing Your Thoughts & Stuff Online

Thinkery logoThinkery is an online self-organization tool that lets you organize your thoughts, tasks and resources you find online. It helps you focus on important things as well as add things you want to read or review later. When you put your thought on Thinkery, it extracts additional information relevant to your input giving you more opportunity to extend your brain. The entire graphical interface is well designed and lightweight.

Thinkery is more than just a thoughts or tasks management tool, it lets you dump all your thoughts, things, tasks and URLs. If you add link to a YouTube video, it understand your input and displays the YouTube player and save it under the tag “video”. If you add a product link from amazon, it display the product information with picture, price and customer reviews if available. Not only YouTube or Amazon, it can also understand 100 other online services like Soundcloud, Flickr, CNN, Twitpic, Twitter etc.

Thinkery lets you include your own hash tags on your thoughts or things. These hash tags automatically categorize your thoughts into lists so that if you add a thought with #todo hash tag, you will find the thought under the “todo” tag list. You can easily edit, share, archive or even delete any though from the list if it is no longer necessary for you.

Thinkery provides several tools to ease with inputting your thought on Thinkery, you can use generic bookmarklet or install Google Chrome extension. They also have a Chrome App to help you adding your thoughts quickly. It is a web-based application which means you can use it from any browser where you have access to internet, there is no need to download or install any additional software. Mobile version of this cool application is also coming soon.

Thinkery is a great tool and if used properly it can really extend your brain. Please give it a try, who knows you might love it.