– The eLearing Marketplace For Better Online Education is an online learning portal with the aim to facilitate better online education utilizing the power of the Internet. It allows full multi-media courses with audio, video, animation and its trademarked SmarterGames™- interactive learning tools that are customizable by the course instructor to boost comprehension and make learning more enjoyable. can be called as one-stop shop for both learners and instructors. It provides a perfect online learning platform for individuals, businesses, not-profit associations, institutions or anyone who has course material to share with a virtual classroom of interested students. makes it easy to create accessible, easy to use training programs for any industry, on any range of subject materials. You can create your first training course with just few mouse clicks. makes it easy to add content to your online course. With the knowledge of modern computer word processor program, you can add as much course content as you need your students to see. It allows you to create as many chapters and tasks as you need to make sure your students get the most out of every course. For instructors it also lets you do following:

  • Style your content just like a web page
  • Add footer graphics to your course, for consistent branding
  • Add images, to create some visual interest
  • Add audio, to make the course accessible, or to provide examples
  • Add video for clear instruction, interviews, or introductions
  • Ensuring your students benefit from the training you offer is key to a successful training program. features a powerful quiz and exam creation system which can help you check your students’ comprehension.

Students can browse the marketplace for public courses and complete courses that matches their interests. A student can also take private courses on their team network. When a course is complete, student can proudly display their achievement with customized course completion certificates from