Convore – Quick Way To Instant Message With Groups In Real Time

Convore logoConvore is an amazing quick instant messaging platform for groups. It is a web based real time messaging platform hosted on the cloud where you can join in group conversations about any topic that matches your interests. A group can be either public or private and you can create as many topics as you want under each group to talk about several related issues under different chat discussions. It keeps the group clean while serving the purpose in a smarter way.

This platform is open for all and allows you to connect with your friends in Twitter and Facebook. In Convore, you can instantly share photos directly on the chat window by putting the image path which makes the conversation more interesting. An interesting feature of Convore is it lets you put star mark on any conversation. A star lets other people know that you like the information which may be just fun or may contain important or useful information.

Convore saves the entire conversation history in the server and notifies you on every events related to your groups, topics and conversation. So, don’t worry while you are offline, you are on right track all the time. It also lets user mention each other on conversations like twitter and can track all your mentions by other. Which might be an important feature to make it a more successful chat network.

Convore is currently focusing more on making their platform more efficient, robust and building a thriving community. It provides an API to their messaging platform for iPhone, iPad and Android developers.