Buffer – A Smarter Way To Stay On Top Of Twitter

Buffer logoBuffer is a cool social media tool for twitter, which lets you stay on top of twitter. You can add tweets to your Buffer and they will then be evenly spread throughout a number of days. It is quite different from existing ways to schedule tweets. There is no hassle of time setting for every time you tweet. They are set once and you can forget about them.

Buffer gives you some helper tools like bookmarklet, extension for chrome and safari browser. These tools are more than enough to make you smart on twitter. All you need to do is top up your Buffer with a tweet right from your browser every time you come across an interesting article you want to share. You do this by simply clicking the Buffer bookmarklet or Chrome Extension icon. Then briefly edit the tweet or take our suggestion according to the site you are on. Of course you can always go back to your dashboard at http://bufferapp.com and edit your tweets or move them around.

It might also be interesting for you to see how people are using Buffer at the moment. Whilst they check their RSS-reader and read news in the morning, they come across many interesting articles, quotes or videos. Instead of flooding their followers with their findings all at once, they top up their Buffer. They know that they are providing high-quality tweets spread out over the course of the day. This guarantees to share genuine content without any additional effort whilst you are reading the news. Whenever you like an article, just click the Buffer Icon and add to your Buffer.

A tool like Buffer can be very handy for individuals as well as for businesses. Specially for those small business who are unable to afford a dedicated social media service to get more follower for their service with a constant presence on twitter.