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Localstreamer – Geolocation System To Explore Different Events, Data & People

LocalSreamer_LogoWe all love to get informed of the places around us where we usually go or intend to go. We even like to differentiate us as the wiser guy among others by showing how knowledgeable we are by saying all those stuffs that people does not know of a place we are currently situated in and thus love to get that extra attention, especially when we are at a journey. Localstreamer exactly fulfills that purpose. It’s a web application that makes us the hero of the time.

Simply type the name of the place you are currently located in and within a flash of a moment you will have surge of information rushing at you and enlightening you through its innovative technology. At no time you will be knowing all the information of the places you have just typed; its history or even
people’s thought of that place.

Localstreamer’s a geolocation system that will allow you to explore different events; data or even what people are talking about of the place through their social sites like facebook or twitter!!! It is absolutely brilliant. It’s a piece of cake just baked for you and all you need to do is just to take the bite. It can’t get simpler than this. Just type the city name and off you go. You can watch videos, socialize using comment system or even chat!!!

Please go out and check this wonderful website. You might love the whole idea.

InvoiceAtom – Online Invoiceing Software To Simplify Your Invoicing Process

invoiceatom-logoInvoiceAtom is an online invoicing software which aims to simplify your invoicing processing by reducing both human and paper works. Invoicing is always a tricky process for businesses specially for those depend mostly on paper works. There are plenty of invoicing software used by businesses around the world and most of them are desktop applications. InvoiceAtom‘s web based platform gives you all the benefit of the latest Internet technologies like high accessibility, no machine dependency, no burden of software installation, no virus issues and many more.

InvoiceAtom allows you to manage all your invoices easily and keep track of all Draft, Due, Overdue and Closed invoices. It reduces dependency on Excel and gives you some advance options like sending in PDF format, multiple currencies, tax, shipping etc. InvoiceAtom‘s automatic recurring invoicing lets you create recurring invoices with more flexibility along with all the standard options.

InvoiceAtom also helps you in managing your clients and individual staff members with details like phone, mobile and email address. It reduces your communication burden before and after getting paid by sending automatic up-coming and late payment reminders to clients and also sends thank you messages once the invoice is closed.

All your invoices are in the system and InvoiceAtom lets you search through your invoices by clients, date and status. It can be an easy invoicing solution for small to medium large companies specially looking for a dedicated invoicing software. It offers a fair price plan and have 30 days trial period so check it yourself and let us know your feedback.

DonationTo – Accept Donation Online For Charities And Causes

DonationTo_LogoIf you are looking for a way to collect donation or raising fund for charity then DonationTo is probably the place you want to look by. DonationTo is a wonderful web application that facilitates a perfect way to build a website solely for accepting donations for online fundraising or online giving.

If you want to raise a donation for schools, orphans, patience, recovery funds, for natural disasters or any other causes then DonationTo has got a wonderful, organized and efficient way to help you in raising your money. DonationTo involves a very few steps, simply signup, create an account, create your donation page and send out the web link to your target people.

Some of the key points that we have loved about the site are as follows:

  • Very simple and clean
  • No advertisement
  • Tier level rewards for supporter
  • You can set your goal and deadlines
  • Have full control over the page you want to show your viewer

DonationTo supports two types of account, Free and Paid. In the free account they will collect 5% of the total donation money you shall receive. On the other hand, paid account involves only $7 per month and 100% donated money will be yours. All the transactions will be done through your paypal account and you can easily monitor the progress of your funding.

If you are the one who is striving hours after hours in distributing flyers and gathering money and has given up all your hope, then DonationTo might be the place you want to give a shot!

Spreaker – Create And Broadcast A Personal Radio Show On The Internet

Spreaker-logoSpreaker is a Free online platform for creating and broadcasting a personal radio show across the Internet. It’s a simple, all-in-one solution for hosting a talk show, a music show or anything you wish to create and share with your audience over a variety of distribution channels, including social networks and smartphones.

Using Spreaker is very easy, since no download is required; you simply access a web-based mixing console which lets you record your voice and mix it with music and sound effects. The result can be broadcast live over the Internet and listened through a player widget (wich can be embedded on 3rd party websites, including facebook pages) so that the audience can interact with the host using tools like Skype, twitter and chat rooms.

This exciting live broadcasting platform lets you upload your own musics, Jingles, Loops, Soundtracks and Effects so that you can manage and customize your show the way you want.

All the shows which are created remain stored on the website and can be listened later as podcasts. Spreaker also offers an API which allows third parties to easily create live streaming and recording services.

Spreaker provides a free plan which is more than enough to test the platform and run your personal radio station. So, give this wonderful application a try and let us know your opinion.

Let’s Crate – Share Files Easily With Friends And Colleagues

Lets-crate-logoWe often feel the necessity for sharing large files with our friends. Popular email systems only allow us to do so for around a few megabytes only. Let’s Crate has got a ridiculously easier way to address such problem.

This is a simple file-sharing web application with three simple steps involved, Visit Let’s Crate and Register, once done simply drag and drop your files into the browser and finally share the link with your friends.

You can have taste of their service with a free account where you can share up to files sizing 50mb with totaling 200mb space. If you love their service then you can upgrade to their pro scheme where you can upload files of any size totaling 10gb at the cost of $9 per month only.

This is ideal for small business usage when you are on a rush and need to share an important document, a large slide or perhaps a movie quickly and efficiently. Its simplicity is its strength.

When it comes to file sharing, there are plenty of services available online including If you are too serious about file sharing, you can also have a look at those services.

Otherwise, just go and check out this wonderful and easy to use application and have us your valuable feedback.

Hosted Notes – Securely Store And Access Your Password Information Online

hosted-notes-logoIn today’s multidimensional life, we encounter numerous places where we need to put our credentials, open accounts with passwords; like Username, Email ID or Login ID. We often suffer to keep track of these credentials organize safely and more importantly securely. Hosted Notes is a web application that has come up with a wonderful but yet supremely simple way to address such problem.

Hosted Notes has got a new way to organize and keep track of your various account credentials. Your account passwords along with supporting information are grouped together and displayed within an admin panel that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and more importantly from anytime and anywhere across the globe.

Hosted Notes does not have any unnecessary features that will deviate from it’s intend use. Simplicity is its key strength.

Some of the key features that we have found stated as follows:

  • Simplicity: Extremely easy to use
  • Easy Access: Can be accessed from any part of the Globe
  • Organize: You can group your credentials, for example: Emails, Social Networks, Bank Accounts and etc.

Hosted Notes offers a free 14 days trial period, thinks again as you now have a simple and secure way to keep track of all your account-password for only $4 a month per account. Give it a try and have us your feedback.

Roound – Create Your Mobile Social Identity

Roound-logoRoound is a free service that combines your personal and social media information into one single mobile identity that can be shared on mobile devices. It gives you an uniquer QR and web address to your profile which you can share easily to promote your social identity. You Roound profile can be shared on mobile devices, blogs, website, social networks, on your comments, email signature, through text messages, name card, printed materials, advertisements etc.

In your Roound profile, you can write a short biography about yourself, show your contact information, share your location information, websites, share your social profiles (it supports more than 35 major social accounts worldwide). What is more interesting about your Roound profile is its QR code, you can share your profile easily using this Roound QR code, you can print it on your name card, printed media kits or even in advertisements.

Roound provides you real-time statistical information to measure the performance of your Roound profile. You can view the number of profile views and traffic source for your profile. Since, your profile contain your contact and other information, Roound lets you control your profiles privacy. Whenever you feel uncomfortable about sharing sensitive information, you can protect yourself by letting unwanted people not to view your profile.

In addition, you can change the appearance of your profile and display your profile widget on your blog and website. If you are looking to promote your identity on mobile devices it might be a better solution for you. So, give it a try and let us know what you think about this wonderful service.

EasyCal – Booking Calendar For Solo Massage Therapist And Hair Stylist

easycal-logoEasyCal is a web-based calendar booking software specially designed for solo massage therapist and hair stylist. Like other booking calendar software, it lets you create your booking schedule and manage bookings online instead of long boring phone call.

EasyCal lets you add your services along with price and duration. You can add as many service as you want into your callender. Then it will ask you to enter your service location where your client gets the service and here you can add multiple service locations. After adding your locations, you can schedule your business hours based on the locations you saved. The process is very simple and requires basic computer skills.

Now your clients can book to your service while you are working at our business or enjoying your personal life. EasyCal gives you a dedicated website for your business representing your services, prices, duration and booking calendar. When a client visit the calendar, it shows booking dates with location, upon choosing a date and clicking on a desired service location, it shows available slots for booking with the “Book this” button right to the slots. Client can book the slot he/she likes by clicking on “Book this” and entering details contact information.

When a booking is confirmed, EasyCal sends automatic email reminder to clients to reduce no-show-ups allowing you to earn more money. EasyCal is straight forward and provides the exact functionality for solo professionals. If you are a solo professional, you may try it and check if it suits your needs.

Posy – Wedding And Event Planning Software For Both Professionals And DIY-ers

posy-logoPosy is an event management software for both couples planning their wedding or professional event planning company. Posy offers simple tools to manage weddings, parties and other events online. Effective use of these tools will allow you to get the job done.

Posy‘s core features are powerful enough to support your day-do-day operations. Its Guest & Vendor management system lets you add guests information to the events, manage RSVP, seating etc. You can add vendors information to your event and plan and track their activity before and during the event. To manage your seating arrangements, Posy‘s floor planer lets you map out your entire floor with best possible seating arrangements and save the plan along with the event.

Budgeting is a very important for any event and proper budgeting is must to make your event successful. Posy allows you to set your budgets easily and log every payments and expenses. It will then show you outstanding payments and give you an idea on of how much you have sent and how much is left.

Posy gives you notebook to keep your event specific notes, bookmarks, files and images in one place and lets you collaborate with your team and clients by sharing information. It also have handy features like to-dos, RSVP’s & Attendance, Messaging, File Sharing, E-Mail Notifications, Bookmarking, Calendar etc to make your job easier and keep your event on the right track.

Posy has four different pricing plans to suite your specific needs and offers 30 days money back guarantee. So, try it yourself and let us know what you think about this software.

LucidChart – Draw Real-time Flowcharts, Wire-frames, UML Diagrams, Mockups Online

Lucidchart logoLucidChart is a web-based collaborative diagram creation software that runs right on the browser. Like other diagram creation program, LucidChart allows you to create attractive Flowcharts, UML Diagrams, Network Diagrams, iPhone mock-ups, Business Process, Mind Map, Site Map, Organization Charts etc. With LucidChart, there’s no learning curve, start from a blank canvas or use one of the hundreds of templates available in the Community Library.

LucidChart provides simplified user experience through Drag and drop functionality. Connecting objects is super simple, just start dragging out a line from the edge of one object to the edge of another object, a line will be automatically drawn and you can further change the line properties from elbow to curved lines with different shape of arrow heads.

LucidChart has a rich library of shapes for all your needs from software development to web development, network diagrams to mind map, flowcharts to business process, your team can communicate more effectively with this online tool. It allows you to upload your own images to use in the diagrams, you can add your company logo or other images and with a team account you can share those images with other members of your organization. It allows sharing drawing resources from one single place.

Your LucidChart diagram is highly portable, you can share it online, publish it as a web page or share it on Twitter or Facebook. You can embed the diagram in a wiki or corporate website or blog. The important benefit you will get by embedding is: the diagram will automatically update if you make any changes in your source diagram in LucidChart. You can also download a high-quality PDF or image file of your drawing for printing and further use.

Another important feature of LucidChart is, it lets you collaborate on your diagram, you can invite people to work with you in real-time, any changes made by collaborators are shown instantly. It has built-in group chat feature to chat with colleagues about the changes or moderation issues. It automatically keep the revision history of the document and you can revert to a previous version if you don’t like the current version. To create a team in LucidChart, you can share your account with additional users. Other users don’t have to pay but share your paid subscription and all of its benefits.