Gamify – The Gamification Platform

Gamify is a promising Gamification Platform to provide enjoyment out of any gaming machine. Using this new platform, any website or Internet connected device can be gamified providing a new level of experience, fun and engagement.

A wide variety of applications and services in field such as web, mobile, e-commerce, entertainment, education, work, social good can be powered through this robust, flexible and expandable platform. Individual user by himself/herself or with the help of a community of Gamify Experts can interact to the platform.

Gamify‘s games will seamlessly convert your users to players by adding a “game layer” to your site, service or application.

Gamify has a variety of widgets to interact with users and get feedback on your website or mobile apps. It also has reward programs to generate engagement and loyalty to your application and brand.

Gamify is also building a Gamification Encyclopedia to collaboratively document their new movement. Currently, some best game designers of the world are also collaborating with this movement to define, document and provide example on best practices, terms and patterns of this Gamification Platform.