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Estately – Search Your Home From The Most Comprehensive Home Database

Eastately LogoEstately is a graphical real estate search engine. Estately lets you search from the most comprehensive database of homes in selected United States cities. You can find your home sweet home easily from over 549000+ items listed in Estately. And what is different about Estately is it’s clean user interface, map search and browsing experience, we believe you will also love it.

Estately lists its data directly from MLSs and updates frequently, so you will find the most accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive data than others. Searching in Estately starts by entering a location and it shows homes directly on map. In map you can browser homes and navigate to next and previous item. When browsing Estately, you will feel like you are shopping on an e-shop, there are so many detail information available for making your best decision.

Estately not only provides home details like room information, address, photos of the property, size, prices but also provides information on surrounding nearby. You will find 3D street view of the property, satellite view of the surrounding and more than 40 additional details. This is what making it the most comprehensive database for homes. If you want to physically visit a home you can create a visiting schedule easily from the search result or from the detail view of the property.

Estately does not intend to replace real estate agents instead it aims to help you make the right decision with a good real estate agent. To do that it has alreay partnered with 300+ experience, service oriented and customer focused agents across the states. currently, not all cities are listed, but Estately is expanding its network to cover more cities.

Grammarly – Automated Grammar Checker And Plagiarism Detection Tool

Grammarly logoGrammarly is an advance automated proofreader tool that can check grammatical errors, detect plagiarism, enhance vocabularies and check contextual spelling errors. It is quite similar to PraperRater but provides more features and checkers to the users.

Grammarly provides 150+ grammar checkers to proofread your contents correctly. And unlike PraperRater, it’s plagiarism detection tool provides reference to the original content so that it can be double checked easily. It’s vocabulary enhancer provides context-optimized word choice suggestions to improve readability.

Automated proofreader tools are getting popular among students, teachers, corporate employees, content writers and bloggers. Constructive feedback from Grammarly can help students to improve their writing skills and become a better writer. It is also important for teachers to detect plagiarized papers submitted by students.

Using Grammarly is very simple and you don’t have to sign-up or register to proofread your content. Just visit the website and follow Check Grammar Now Button. It will give you a summary reports with list of issues. The detail reports are available to paid members only.

Grammarly is already well accepted by educational institutions worldwide and It offers some extra features to educational institutions and their students under .edu site license.

HasOffers – Track Your Affiliate Programs Easily and Effectively

HasOffers LogoHasOffers is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for online affiliate marketing and tracking. Affiliate marketing is getting popular among businesses and brands because of its performance driven approach. Business always wants the result and affiliate marketing understand the needs of the business allowing more advertisements for brand and only pay for real sales or leads.

For businesses, HasOffers provides an easy to setup, simple to use and high performance tracking platform in which you can manage all your affiliates easily and customize to your needs. It offers so many features for tracking your affiliate programs that it is difficult not to try the software. Some of the key features are:

  • Statistic Adjustments and Conversion Management
  • Custom Email Servers and User Email Communication
  • Affiliate Profile Fraud
  • Affiliate Activity Fraud
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Custom Language (Non-English)
  • Chat Support
  • Phone Support
  • iFrame Tracking Pixels

You can have a look at the detail features list here

According to HasOffers

HasOffers is reshaping online advertising by providing technology for anyone to track performance marketing campaigns in real-time, with complete reliability. Connect with new customers by effectively empowering affiliates, publishers, and other affiliate networks to promote your advertising offers.

HasOffers also provides dedicated API support to the businesses so that businesses can interact to the server and develop their independent software. For enterprise it is a huge demand and API support allows them to use their existing infrastructure to cope with the new platform.

HasOffers comes with 3 different membership options Basic, Pro and Enterprise providing different configurations. And more importantly, you can try HasOffers anytime you want with their free one month trial sign-up, there is no contract required and you can cancel anytime. It is definitely a great advantage for a business or brand to give it a tray.

Brix – Online Agile Project Management And Collaboration Tool logoBrix is a flexible, adaptable and cost effective agile project management and collaboration tool.

Brix provides you a flexible dashboard with Wall, Gantt Chart, My Tasks and Graphs tabs. You can add a project, sprint or task directly from the dashboard in no time at all. The wall is customizable by the users to meet their requirements.

Gantt Chart tab let you create and manage your Gantt charts by dragging and dropping the tasks. Tasks can be edited directly on the chart. Project members can see the tasks by status on their own customized wall under MyTasks tab and can fillter them by week or month. Project manager can track the projects by velocity, by team member, by status and red flags the tasks those are overdue.

Brix also provides some reports as part of the project which you can fine tune by applying different filters. These reports will help the team to understand the current status of the project and take necessary steps to keep it on the right track.

Brix has different monthly and yearly price model based on the number of team members. But for non-profits its always free. A 30 days free trial sign-up is available for unlimited full access to the system. So, why not give it a shot and let us know your review or comment.

Inveni – Discover New Movies And TV Shows Based On Your Taste

Inveni logoInveni is a new discovery website for movies and TV shows. Inveni will let you create your universal taste profile based on your recommendations. Inveni‘s intelligent recommendation engine counts user ratings and recommendations as well as friends recommendations and behavior.

The process is really simple and smooth, by following few steps you can jump into your taste profile. During the sign up process, Inveni will ask you to import your existing ratings from your Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes, Flixster, IMDB, Fandago, Best Buy, Criticker and Movie Web accounts. This helps Inveni‘s recommendation engine to refine and personalize your taste profile. You can also save your preferred genres to fine tune your tastes.

Each title has it’s own page, where user can comment, rate or recommend the movie also vote for similar titles. If the title is available on Netflix, a watch button will let you watch the title on Netflix. It will also let you buy the title from Amazon or rent it from Netflix.

Invenii provides a Firefox plug-in to the user which keeps them connected and updated with Inveni their profile and friends. It is also developing a native iPhone/iPad application which is currently in alpha testing stage.

280daily – Archive Your Day In 280 Characters Privately and Securely

280daily logo280daily is a cool micro-blogging startup website that lets you write a summary of your day in 280 characters. The size is larger than a tweet and much smaller than a typical blog post, should not take more than 5 minutes to note your day. Your data is kept private and hosted on secure website using SSL technology.

These days, people have almost stopped writing personal dairy because of busy lifestyle and spending more time on twitter, facebook and other social networks. People easily forget what they have done in the past. 280daily gives you a change to archive your days using this digital diary and go back to any week or month in the past and remember almost everything you have done during that period.

You can use daily summary for following purposes:

  • Journal. Realistically keep a journal, 280 characters only takes 2 minutes!
  • Travelling. You’re too busy having fun to write down every detail!
  • Business. Keep track of your business life.
  • Sport. Running a marathon? Track your progress.
  • Target Progress. Record progress of a large task.
  • Backwards To-Do List. What did you get done today?

280daily website is mobile friendly, you can access the website from iPhone, iPad, Android and any other smartphone. They also have a plan to develop iPhone and Android native application soon.

What we loved about 280daily is its great design which is optimized to the purpose and easy to use interface. You can give it a try and let us know what you think about this great micro-blogging platform.

CauseVox – Online Fund Raising Program For Non-profit Organizations

causevox-logoCauseVox is an online fund raising platform for small and medium sized non-profit organizations. It will let a non-profit turn their supporters into fund raisers through a fully customizable campaign. It also helps non-profit to expand branding among the supporting community.

According to CauseVox:

We want to see non-profits succeed because they do so much for the world. They fight for freedom, they feed the hungry, they provide opportunities, and much more.

It is true that small and medium size non-profits can’t put much efforts on technology, marketing or even branding. As a result they often struggle for fund. But they always play an important role to build and keep the society better. A little support from the community can make them more successful in their efforts.

In CauseVox, you can create a fund raising campaign in just 15 minutes. Putting some more efforts you can customize it the way you want and start publishing your campaign.

Learningfy – Connects Teachers and Students Through Webcam Classes

Learningfy logoLearningfy is an online learning and teaching platform that allows students to get private tutor online and learn over Webcam classes. The idea behind the website is good enough and reduce geographical differences between students and teachers. It will also allow students to learn a wide variety of topics and skills remotely from teachers of different regions.

At Learningfy, a teacher can create $5 trial class of his/her choice. Then he can share his class with the world. If a prospective student find a teacher’s class interesting then he/she will order the class paying $5 fee. The class will take place on Webcam over the internet at a convenient time of both the teacher and the student. After the class, the student can submit his/her feedback or review about the instructor. When the class is successfully delivered, Learningfy will credit your balance with $4 and the teacher can withdraw the money using Paypal. After that initial success an instructor can create more customized classes on his/her own rates.

Learningfy provides SEO friendly teacher profile for each instructor where a teacher can highlight his/her expertise and publish his/her availability so that a prospective student can engage easily. Learningfy charges a flat rate of 20% for each class and price is always private between student and teacher to keep the competition low over price.

GeniePad – Manage Your Condominium Boards And Homeowners Associations With Ease

GeniePad LogoGeniePad has come with a solution for homeowners and condominium associations from boring management hassle. Managing this type of association is really tough. You need to generate numerous notes, paper notices, document requests and phone calls. Keep track of every documents, notes and decisions become a huge burden day by day.

GeniePad allows you to simply and easily deliver news, share documents, buy and sell goods within your buildings community, provide your residents with a tool to communicate with the condo board, homeowners association, property management electronically. It will also let the residents to communicate each other easily using this the same portal.

To use GeniePad no need to install any software and you can start using it by just signing up and informing other residents of your association to join GeniePad.

Top features GeniePad provides:

  1. Dashboard with all latest events in one page
  2. News announcements will let you instantly deliver news to your residents
  3. Documents sharing with other residence with privacy and security
  4. Message Forum to build a strong community inside your buildings
  5. Classifieds will let you post your products and services for sale inside the community
  6. Resident Information will let you track all important information of the members for your homeowners and condominium boards
  7. Contacts will track all communication between resident, associations and managments

All these features will let you smartly manage your homeowners and condo boards.

Geotoko – Engage Your Mobile Customers For Location Based Promotion

Geotoko - Engage your mobile customer with location based promotionGeotoko platform allows brands, business and agencies to create their own branded location-based promotions (e.g. sweepstakes, contests, give-aways) and to simultaneously publish their promotions on multiple location based services like Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook places, Yelp, Twitter etc.

The system is intuitive, affordable and simple enough for non-technical business manager to use and flexible enough to suit the needs of the most marketer or agency.

Some features of Geotoko:

Build Promotions On Multiple Location-Based PlatformsGeotoko offers multiple easy-to-use campaign wizard, you can create engaging location-based promotions for Foursquare, Facebook Places & Gowalla within minutes.

Live Visitor Tracking & Heat Map TechnologyGeotoko offers powerful analytical tools and charts to perform real-time location analytics, analyze user check-in behavior and gather competitive intelligence using Geotoko’s Heat Map technology.

Manage Multiple Locations In One Place – In Geotoko, you can easily upload and manage thousands of locations on one powerful platform. It will automatically match your locations to venues on Foursquare & Facebook Places.