Amazon Might be Working on Connected Home Devices !

amazonJust what does a $55 million financial investment and also 27 percent additional staff get you? If Amazon has their means, one-button getting from throughout your home. The online seller is doubling-down on the connected home, and also will be expanding the initiatives their deceptive Lab126 puts forth.

Talking to Reuters, 2 sources are declaring Amazon wants to slip by the likes of Google and Apple for your interest in your home. Amazon is said to be testing a WiFi allowed gadget that can purchase products at the push of a button. Continue reading

Google Now is Going to Find you a Less Expensive Flight!

googleGoogle Now just keeps improving, however in some cases Google leaves us to find the brand-new features on our own, as seems to be the instance with a new “Flight Price Display” card which has been included.

The card, detected by Android Police, essentially does precisely what it says on the tin. If you hunt for a flight by way of Google Air travels then the search titan will certainly send you a sharp on Google Now if the cost changes.

Or it might anyway. As Google hasn’t announced the feature it’s also not recognized whether it’s rolled out to everyone yet and even whether a simple flight search is enough to cause or it. Continue reading

Apple is Closing Down Beats Music … or, Wait, Maybe it isn’t..!

Beats MusicIt’s important to remember that rumour reports are in fact just rumours. And the latest example involves a story about Apple allegedly preparing to shut down the Beats Music streaming service along with the Beats Songs brand name.

TechCrunch has said, baseding on 5 prominent-yet-unnamed employees at both Apple and also Beats, that is Apple is starting to pull the plug on Beats Music by moving engineers for the streaming service over to iTunes and various other projects. The company is even dealing with terminating the Beats Music brand , just a few months after obtaining Beats Electronics for $3 billion. Continue reading

Google’s Reducing Back on G+ Sign-Ups for New E-Mail Accounts

google-plus-change copyShould make a new Gmail account but don’t would like to handle producing a compulsory Google+ profile to go with it? Do not sweat it, because Mountain View’s eliminated that demand to join its troubling social media network, and again signing up for the search giant’s email solution takes you straight to the inbox without any fuss. As confirmed in advertising and marketing blog site Wordstream’s screenshot here, nevertheless, you’ll still require a G+ account if you would like to futz about with the remainder of Google’s services. Definition, if leaving reviews for applications or media in Google Play and also uploading video clips to YouTube is totally your bag, you’ll have to take the plunge and also ‘Upgrade’  your Gmail account regardless. Still, for those which simply should create a burner E-mail address to provide to less-than-trustworthy websites, the procedure is a little bit less annoying now.

Midnight Scoop – The Easiest Way To Scoop Hard Ice Cream


Midnight Scoop, a Kickstarter backed project, aims to provide a better ice cream scoop (they call it magic scoop) for all of us. I’m sure it a good news for hard and cold ice cream lovers. It is quite successful in its initial round of fund raising through Kickstarter and it has already raised $30,831 as of today of their $17,500 goal amount. This is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

So, whats the problem with existing scoops? Well, according to Midnight Scoop, everyone has been scooping ice cream wrong. Current ice cream scoops require you to use weak wrist joins to scoop hard ice cream. The prying motion that you need to do when scooping ice cream puts tremendous amounts of stress on your weak wrist joints that makes scooping ice cream very difficult. In order to avoid this, some people use heated scoop causing the ice cream to be melted. Continue reading

Microsoft OneDrive Offering 30GB cost-free Cloud Storage Space for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone!

onedriveMicrosoft is providing 30GB of OneDrive space for free, as it makes a significant play to snap up those keeping pictures in the cloud.

Pitching the restricted offer directly at iPhone owners, Microsoft claims on the OneDrive blog site- ‘For those preparing to set up iOS 8, this means you won’t was required to remove a lot of picture or applications to make room for the upgrade.’ This is a minimal deal, as you’ll need to set up the app as well as switch on photo vehicle uploads to get approved for the free space, just before the end of September. Continue reading

StrawClub – Restaurant MatchMaking Service

STRAWCLUBRemember, when was the last time you visited a dating site, after the raise of Facebook and Mobile apps, the answer is probably more than a year for most of the people. Especially, for professionals who are extremely busy with their career and life events, its pretty unrealistic to go to a traditional match making website and waste tons of precious time. There has to be a fun and quicker way to find a date.

StrawClub, a Restaurant Matchmaking service, is going to find the best and quickest solution for you. You can meet with complete strangers just with the tap of a button and its totally hassle free. There are certain rules in place in order to ensure the safety on your date.
Continue reading

Facebook’s Reported “Moments” Application Will Help You Share Independently!

facebook-privacy-checkupFacebook’s megaphone-like technique to sharing makes it much less than ideal for more personal missives. Sharing private photos or jokes with choose people is something of a test of nerves. One slip of a drop-down food selection, and also your intimate photo could go global, rather than simply to your ‘Mates’ personal privacy group.

However, Facebook wishes you to share in anyway, and to anybody you like with self-confidence it appears. According to TechCrunch, the social media network’s working with a ‘Moments’ mobile application to help. Continue reading

Apple iCloud Backups are Lastly Protected by Two-Factor Verification!

icloudsigninNumerous of the compromising photos from the cache of celebrity images leaked last month were gotten by hackers spoofing a target’s iCloud account to download and unencrypted backup of the target’s phone.

Despite being the basic recommendations supplied by both Apple as well as the media, switching on iCloud two-factor verification (or ’2 step confirmation,’ as Apple calls it) actually did nothing protect to users from this particular attack vector. CEO Tim Cook promised adjustment in the Wall Street Journal and, true to his word, Apple switched on two-factor back on earlier today. According to Ars Technica, it now covers the backups which most of the leaked nudes originated from. Continue reading

Facebook Launches an Open Source Company and Releases New Routing Tech!

todoFacebook is upping the ante in the open source world, revealing on Monday a new open source modern technology for routing data throughout server caches, and also a new open company (along with other big-name organization) to assist cultivate open source initiatives.

Facebook revealed a pair of open source initiatives Monday at its inaugural @Scale seminar in San Francisco, including a company called TODO that will certainly aid other companies get started down their own open source paths, and also a new networking tool called mcrouter. Continue reading