Office for Android Tablet Computer Coming November 2014, Mac Early 2015, Windows Late 2015 !

Office AndroidIf you were asking yourself when you would certainly get your practical the current version of Microsoft Office, then rumours have drawn with each other a run of dates, throughout platforms.

1st  to hit should be a fuller version of Office for Android, designed to encourage tablet designed users, offering a wider range of productivity alternatives suggest to currently in place in the existing Office Mobile app, to match the Office for iPad experience. Sources talking the ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley have suggest the date of November 2014, & historically, Foley has actually been precise with Microsoft’s plans.

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Twitter’s Doing Well Now, Yet its Growth Days Could be Numbered !

TwitterBy all accounts, Twitter’s doing what it’s expected to – coaxing additional people into using its high-speed social snark service.. just maybe not as fast as some would like. Baseding on Twitter’s third quarter financials – in which the company fulfilled or surpassed the majority of milestones Commercial types were expecting – 13 million people started using the service over the previous 3 months, bringing the total to a whopping 284 million monthly active users. Not also shabby, right? That’s up very substantial over in 2013, also. The possibly unshaven issue is that Twitter got 16 million people onboard last time it fell numbers, and 14 million the time before that. Two that with the simple fact that Twitter anticipates to bring in somewhat less money next quarter than analysts expected, and also you’ve got greater than a few people concerned that Twitter’s growth is winding down. Continue reading

5 Tips For Choosing The Right POS System For Your Business !

posGood customer service is paramount to the success of any business. But customer service goes beyond being friendly to your customers and giving them quality products. It also is important to give them an accurate and speedy checkout, both online and offline. One way to do this is through using a POS system in your business.  But before you can choose the right POS system, you have to understand the different types of systems available. Continue reading

Microsoft Now Offers Endless OneDrive Storage, But There’s a Catch !

OneDriveIn an attempt to make OneDrive seem more attractive compared to Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, And all the others, Microsoft has made its cloud-storage service unlimited.

The company has announced that it now provides unlimited OneDrive storage. But the offer is only available to Office 365 subscribers, at no additional cost. The concept, we assume, is to not only make OneDrive an affordable storage space remedy however also attract even more people to Microsoft’s cloud-hosted collection of Office apps.

‘We have actually begun rolling this out today to Office 365 Home, Personal, and University
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Amazon Has Actually Made its Appstore for Android Obsolete !

amazonGiven that its creation, the Amazon Appstore stood apart, banned from being offered in the official store for Android applications, Google Play, until now … kind of. When Amazon lately upgraded its main Android app, it got a new ‘Games & Apps’ department that duplicates the content found in the standalone Appstore application – successfully making it both needless as well as outdated. Naturally, considering that Amazon’s still delivering apps outside the confines of Google Play, you have to alter your tool’s safety settings to approve downloads from unknown sources to install them. The modification is a welcome one – reducing app clutter’s a good thing – and the ease factor afforded for by this combination ought to have Amazon selling more applications. Still, we’re pretty sure that’s not nearly enough to balance the Fire phone’s hit to the company’s bottom line.

Got Google’s New Inbox App? Now You Can Welcome 3 Close Friends !

googleThe jury’s still out on Google’s new mobile technique to email, but that hasn’t stopped people from going a little batty over getting invited to use it (see also: Google Wave; Gmail). In situation you were really feeling a little strange concerning asking Google for an Inbox invite, though, you could now just beg your Inbox-using friends for one. Google has merely started enriching users with three invites to disperse among their needy peers – if they occur to see a golden ticket (we truly require a new visual metaphor to that effect) in their Speed Dial menu, they can begin spreading the love. Unfortunately, Google isn’t really letting the floodgates totally open just yet; if you got your invite from someone which didn’t acquire theirs straight from Mountain view, opportunities are you do not have any invites of your very own to share. Now we’re simply hanging around to see if a secondary market of Inbox invites springs up – what’s the Bitcoin-to-Inbox invite ratio nowadays?

Google’s Short Film Examines the Science of Voice Acknowledgment !

googlePeople used to think it’s more challenging to make computers play chess (or Jeopardy) & do mathematics than it is to make them know human language. Turns out the opposite holds true – indeed, engineers have actually made wonderful advancements in voice recognition (Siri and also Google voice commands are excellent examples), but they have actually yet to create a system that could talk to us like one more human can. Google’s documentary (after the break) talks about the future of voice awareness, the current state of language understanding, along with the future of artificial neural network innovation, which can be used  to enhance both. The primary goal of scientists & engineers is to make computers get to human level of language understanding; however whether that’ll ever occur remains to be seen.

Skype for Windows Phone Lets You Share Drawings With Close Friends !

windowsEver wanted to convey a lot more in a Skype chat compared to easy text and pictures can handle, such as directions to your home? If you’re using Windows Phone, you now have a better path to express yourself. Microsoft has actually published a new version of Skype for Windows Phone that, just like Google Hangouts, permits you send out easy drawings to good friends. You could start with a blank canvas if you’re an imaginative type; however you can also doodle on images & annotate Bing maps. There are a couple of significant under-the-hood upgrades, too, including HD display support and the choice to sign in with your phone’s Microsoft account. The Skype team hasn’t said when its Android & iOS apps will acquire sketching, But it wouldn’t be unexpected to see them get matching updates in the near future.

Google Offers You The Tools to Build Applications for Android 5.0 Lollipop !

android_5_lollipopThe official Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade for your phone might be weeks away, however Google has provided all the substances for you to make Lollipop-ready apps. The search company has released both the completed Lollipop developer kit & a fresh batch of stripped-down Android examination launches for Nexus 5 and also 7 devices. There’s also a new round of Product Design standards and also assets to ensure apps take a look at residence in Google’s flatter aesthetic. This will not help considerably if you just intend to attempt all the whiz-bang features, but you’ll absolutely would like to attack the source links if you’re a software developer.

Ello Has Notifications & The Capacity to Mute That Frustrating “Friend”, as well !

elloThe latest social media network on the block, Ello, has a shiny trick up its sleeve. Next  time you log in, you should view a change to how notices are taken care of now. Instead of cluttering your Friends & Noise feeds with call-outs regarding invites, following and @ mentions, those have actually been moved to what Ello calls the notifications drawer. Any previous @ mentions have actually been removed from feeds and transferred there, with the outfit noting that if you got e-mails concerning those updates you must be fine. Nevertheless, if you have e-mails turned off, those alerts ‘May’ no longer exist. Speaking of email, there’s a new settings page to have a look at that’ll allow you alter just what activities will certainly spark a message. Continue reading