Google Translate App Now Adds 20 New Languages

Google Translate App Now Adds 20 New LanguagesGoogle Translate Apps is a helpful tool when traveling abroad or reading text on the internet that’s written in a various language.

The Google Translate application already provided help with 7 languages, and an update released last 2 days ago with 20 more languages. This means that you’ll be able to equate to and from English to Bulgarian; Czech; Dutch; Indonesian; Polish; Turkish and a several others. You’ll also be able to leverage one-way translation from English to Hindi or Thai. And also all of those are just for printed text. Continue reading

Google Now’s ‘Ok Google’ Works With Viber, WhatsApp and WeChat

Ok Google Works With WhatsAppGoogle Now is rolling out an update so you can ask it to send messages using your preferred services.

In the previous, you might say ‘OK Google, send out a message to Owen’ and it would just send out via your default messaging application. Currently you should define which app to utilize by saying ‘OK Google, send a WhatsApp message to Owen’ and it’ll pick the best application.

It supports Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, and NextPlus in English at launch all around the world, but Google says it will be adding more languages and more apps in the future. Continue reading

Twitter’s Periscope for iOS Update With New Feature Mute Notifications

Periscope for iOSTwitter Periscope has actually pushed out an update for its iOS application, and amongst the modifications is the capacity to mute people you are following. You’ll still have the ability to see their feeds if you would certainly like, and you’ll still be following them, but if they broadcast too often you can ‘MUTE’ their notifications (turn off obtaining them), so that push notifications from those people become a thing of the past. This is version 1.1.3, and also it is offered since last day from the Apple App Store.

The updated is corresponds to muting someone in Twitter – if a person tweets too often, you could mute them while staying a follower. Continue reading

YouTube Has a New Mobile App Currently, 3D VR Video Coming Quickly

YouTube New Mobile AppGoogle has announced several changes to its YouTube mobile interface for both Android and iOS. The update, which debuts three new tabs: Home, Subscriptions and Account, is  Available on Android and also mobile web browser now (iOS coming soon), it makes it simpler for the creators to release and edit them directly in the application and complicated for viewers to a channel with a single button to subscribe (and also with ten million of them touched channel can earn the owner of the new diamond-play button reward). Continue reading

Skype Updated V5.5 For Android With Single-Button Sign-In And Link Previews In Chat

Skype Updated V5.5 For AndroidMicrosoft pushed an upgrade for its Skype for Android application to the Google Play Store, bringing it around v5.5 and including some features that will be useful for mobile users. The largest among the changes is perhaps a renovation to signing in from mobile, making it easier for those which insist on logging out to sign-in back in from their Android smartphone or tablet. The chatting feature will soon be upgraded, as well, and also will certainly likewise be a bit more hassle-free once it is.

The Skype v5.5 for Android version bears in mind user’s log in details, and so when a user logs out they now just need to touch the arrow and it will certainly execute back in as the user that existed on the display. Continue reading

You Can Now Send Directions From Desktop Google Maps To Your Android Device

Google MapsGoogle has already release the send directions feature to Android and also iOS users that permitted them to send directions of any sort of place to their smartphone, right from the desktop search results page. Now, the company has actually rolled out the similar feature to its desktop Google Maps application, only for Android users.

In one of the support pages labelled “Send to device”, Google has actually outlined the steps to send direction from the desktop computer Google Maps to mobile application. For pressing direction to your Android mobile phone, you will certainly have to open Google Maps on desktop computer and need to ensure you are signed in. Continue reading

Facebook Launches New Tools to Give You More Control in Your News Feed

Facebook Prioritize

An update to Facebook’s news feed allows users to select a group of preferred friends, whose posts will always appear at the top of the home page. The news feed in Facebook is cool. But not all the time.

If you’re anything like us, your news feed could be littered with bogus news stories, dumb memes, and also posts you just don’t care around, however in an effort to maintain you logging in and making use of the social network, Facebook has actually announced a new way for users to customize or personalize their news feed experience. Continue reading

Office 2016 for Mac is Now Available, But Only to Office 365 Subscribers

Office 2016 for MacMicrosoft has released the full version of Office for Mac 2016. This is a release that was preceded by a Office for Mac 2016 Preview edition, Last day as a official public build. This application needs that the user have an Office 365 subscription in order to download and work.

This version of the software allows a number of users to team up on documents in real time from multiple platforms. A single person can be on a MacBook while the other is on a Windows pc, and a third person edits the paper on an iPad. Word, Excel, and also PowerPoint are all consisted of in this multi-device modifying collection ability. Continue reading

Google Maps for iOS Update Now Lets You Share Your Location on Facebook and Messenger

Google Maps for iOS UpdateGoogle has actually released an upgrade of its Maps for iOS devices that allows the users to share their location to other applications like Facebook and also its Messenger.

The new version of Google Maps for iOS, version 4.8.0, has included location-sharing with Facebook and its Messenger. The feature enables people to automatically share their place without Facebook friends or send their location information from Google Maps to people they’re chatting with in the social network’s messaging application.

The enhancement of area sharing without Facebook as well as Facebook Carrier will supply Google entry to a large viewers of Facebook users. Continue reading

Skype for Business Arrives on Windows Phone

Skype for BusinessMicrosoft last day announced the release of another Skype for Business users – it has finally rolled out a Windows Phone app, one that is a re-brand of the Lync 2013 application, and also users on both services have the ability to use it. All the Skype for Business features are there, such as the calling features combined with instant message, control over conferences, phone controls like transferring, and more. It also has some security protection features like easy authorization and a Skype for Business certification. Microsoft announced the applications arrival last day, and also as anticipated it comes as a Lync re-brand. The application looks both distinctly Skype and distinctly Windows Phone, and extends the mobile options those who count on the service have. Continue reading